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Everybody loves Free software. I’m not talking about all the freeware that’s available but premium full featured versions which are totally legal. I’m aware of two sites (there might be more) that I have used in the past and I’d like to share them with you.

giveaway club- logo2Currently as I’m writing this the software featured on this site is disk-defrag-pro . It downloaded as a zip file with the setup program and a text file containing the activation code. It was just a matter of installing the program and inputting the registration code usually through the help menu.

sos-logo2When I first took advantage of this site you had to create an account but now you just have to provide and email to get the download you want. Currently there are over a dozen options available. I decided to try Free GiliSoft Video Editor. I had to put in my email address, so I did. Notice they mention on the bottom of the page:

By giving us your email, you give us permission to send you daily newsletters ….yada, yada, yada…

… so prepare for an occasional email from them.

Pick your operating system. And click on the Give It To Me Now! button:

sos-choose os and download

Sometimes all the instructions are listed on the next page you go to and the same info is usually repeated in the email they send. As you will see see there are often conditions applied for the Free software:

  • It’s usually a one computer license with no free update
  • It usually doesn’t come with any tech support (of course you already have the greatest tech support resource already at your fingertips, called the Internet)
  • It needs to be downloaded, installed, and registered before the offer has ended
  • You cannot re-activate it if, for example, your computer crashes and you need to reinstall it

There are, however, sometimes exceptions to these rules. The disk-defrag-pro offer, for example, doesn’t seem to have any restrictions. I was just given an activation code, period. Also note you are limited to the choices offered. used to only give you one choice when I first started going there.

Anyway I have used both services over a period of time with no issues. Just thought I would share them with you. If you have any other sources, please list them in the comments.


Both these sites enjoy a good reputation, however, we would suggest utilizing a couple of precautions:

  • Scan the downloaded file through Virus Total first, before installing
  • During installation, keep an eye out for any additional bundling or attempts to change your default home page and/or search engine

Not suggesting for one moment that the downloads from these two sites are unsafe but we can’t vet them all. These are sensible precautions anyway, regardless of where you download from.


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