Facebook Is Still Censoring DCT

In the world of politics, if you want a story to go away, you invent a bombshell story to overwhelm the front page and your problems are solved. On the other hand, if a story is important enough, you want it to stay on the front page, so you keep banging that drum. But Dave’s Computer Tips is not facing political intrigue — it’s being censored by Facebook and has been since November 2021.

Do You Remember November 2021?

Jack Dorsey stepped down as CEO of Twitter, Barbados became a republic, El Chapo’s wife, Emma Coronel Aispuro, was sentenced to three years in prison, the EU accused Belarus leader, Alexander Lukashenko of an inhuman, gangster-style approach to migrants massing on its border with Poland and Dave’s Computer Tips was banned from posting links to its website on Facebook. Such illustrious company we keep, no?

“Ignore them and they’ll go away…”

This is most likely the title of an internal memo that sweeps through Facebook Towers on a daily basis because each and every approach that we have collectively taken with Facebook to reverse its censorship of DCT has been ignored. That is of course assuming that a living, breathing human being has even read any of our submissions, which I doubt. It has been suggested by some that we members of the DCT team should take a softly, softly approach to this issue. Lord knows that there are more important matters vying for our attention in the world at the moment. However, that’s as it may be, but the world doesn’t just stop turning and Facebook’s arbitrary and blanket censorship of our website with zero justification is just plain wrong. It’s also been suggested that we “take the gloves off” and go for a more direct approach. But at the moment it feels like we’re in a boxing ring with an invisible opponent. I would hardly call Facebook’s so-called support as anything remotely helpful, but I can assure you, readers, that I will not give up on this matter.

In fact, I’ve emailed support@fb.com and disabled@fb.com numerous times asking that the censorship issue be addressed, but so far I haven’t received a reply. I will of course keep this injustice on the front page for as long as necessary and if we so much as hear a squeak out of Facebook Towers, I will be back!

3 thoughts on “Facebook Is Still Censoring DCT”

  1. DCT has Moved
    This does not resolve your issue with Facebook who really do not care. Had a similar issue with a small group I managed. In the end we just up and moved.
    I set up a new FB page for the group with a slightly different name using a different email address. Once it was up and running I posted the new page on the old page. After 6 months I took down the notice on the old page figuring anyone who cared had already moved to the new page.
    So far (2 years) it has worked.

    1. I’m glad you found a solution, Tom.
      Unfortunately every DCT link that’s posted anywhere on FB is disallowed, so there are no changes that we could make that would change anything. It has to be on their end.

  2. Terry Hollett

    I’ve added the following comment to all of DCT posts and so far it hasn’t been censored: at davescomputertips dot com.

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