Everyone Wants iOS 7 (or so it seems)

ios7On September 18th, Apple released the latest version of its mobile operating system, iOS 7.  It would be nice to say that everything went smoothly but that wouldn’t be quite accurate.  Apple’s iPhone activation servers were crushed by the demand.   Some users chose to wipe their device and start over, requiring the use of the activation servers.   I ‘just’ upgraded my devices but found the server availability on the 18th virtually non-existent.

In addition to having their own server issues, the iOS 7 download demand caused wi-fi issues on several college campuses.    According to Business Insider, affected universities included New York University and Ohio University, who urged students to delay downloading the iOS upgrade.

Almost immediately, a vulnerability (aka bug) was discovered which allows someone to bypass the lock screen to photos with the ability to post them on social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter.   Of course, Apple says that they are working on a fix.

My personal experience was not without issues.  iTunes kept telling me that I had to download version 11.0.5, which was the version I was already using.  I had to find the really newest version (11.1) of iTunes on Apple’s download page.   Once I downloaded and installed it, I was ready to update my iPad.  For a while, it kept telling me that my iOS version (6.1.3) was up to date.  Eventually, it figured out it wasn’t the latest version and eventually downloaded iOS 7.  I chalk that up to server availability (or unavailability).  Once it could connect to the server to find out that there was a newer version, I was good to go.

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Judy Novotny

Judy is a computer veteran with 30 years of experience. She has owned everything from a TRS-80, Apple IIe and various Windows-based PCs. She is currently living in her Apple ecosystem at home consisting of an iPhone, iPad, iMac, MacBook, Apple TV, iPod nano and two Time Capsules. She is a fan of all things mobile since she got her first Palm Pilot in 1999. Check out her iPad app, Number Wizard, in the App Store. Follow her on Twitter @junovotech or at Junovo.com.