Easily locate RSS feeds & sites of particular interest to you

Instant RSS Search is an online search engine specifically designed to locate RSS feeds for sites which include material of particular interest to an individual. It’s simple, quick, and effective:

instant rsss search

Just type a search term into the search dialogue box and away you go. Let’s test Instant RSS Search using “Computer Tips” as our search term:

instant rss - search results

Well waddya know, there’s DCT right at the top of the mix. Did I tell you Instant RSS Search is also highly intelligent?

Clicking the “PREVIEW FEED” option will instantly display a listing of all the latest content, a quick and easy way to make sure that published material is indeed suitable for your requirements:

Instant rss feed - preview

Each item in the Preview display is clickable and leads directly to the article in question.

Once you have located a suitable site, simply click on the associated “RSS FEED” link to add it to your feed reader:

instant rss feed - add feed

Of course, Instant RSS Search is primarily designed to simplify locating and adding RSS feeds, but I can see no reason why it couldn’t also be useful for quickly locating sites which offer content relating to specific interests. Either way, Instant RSS Search is a worthy contender for adding to a user’s bookmarks or favorites.

Here’s the link to the site again, just in case you missed it earlier: Instant RSS Search

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