EaseUS Partition Master Pro 11.9 Giveaway

easeus-partition-manager-box-shotEaseUS Partition Master Professional 11.9

Our friends at EaseUS have kindly offered DCT readers a free copy of their famous and highly recommended Partition Manager program.

This offer is for One Day Only, ending on January 5, 2017. Hurry so you don’t miss out on this fantastic deal.

EaseUS Partition Master Professional is the best partition software that can quickly solve low disk space and resize partitions on hard drives and hardware RAID in Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP.

How to Get Your Copy Now


  1. Use this EaseUS Download link to get your copy of the software
  2. Install EaseUS Partition Master Professional 11.9
  3. Use this Key to activate the software: EJ6AF-VN1V1-1I3S7-U2XDN-8R3F7

If you would like to read more, go to the EaseUS Product Page.

This license does not allow for software upgrades or free technical support. Remember, you only have one day to take advantage of this great offer!


14 thoughts on “EaseUS Partition Master Pro 11.9 Giveaway”

  1. Does it need to be installed today? If we reinstall our O/S and software, do we lose this?

    1. Richard Pedersen

      Hi John,

      I just got an answer from EaseUS. The Activation Key won’t work after midnight January 5, 2017.


  2. Michael Lance

    What good does it do for you to post a free giveaway 2 days after it expires?

  3. …and I got this email on January 7th. Probably should not have been included in the wekly roundup, ut thanks anyway for everything you do for us users.

  4. Richard Pedersen

    To Michael and Tim,

    The weekly Newsletter that gets delivered to your inbox contains some if not all the articles posted during the previous week.

    The EaseUS giveaway was a one day offer and if you missed it, I am sorry for that.

    The giveaway article was not posted after the fact; the newsletter was sent out on Friday as always. The newsletter is not a “post”.

    I guess the moral here is to keep a daily eye on DCT to keep abreast of such things.

    And thanks, Tim, for the kudos.

    Not to worry. There will be other giveaways and contests coming your way,

  5. I received my email on Sunday 8 Jan 2017 at 3.15pm so also too late for the competition. Would be good if the emails could be posted out to coincide with the issue of the update of the online Tips page as I am kept too busy in my daily life to remember to keep popping into DCT just to see what’s new. Either that or have a longer lead time with the competitions so everyone can have a go.

    I rely (as I am sure most do) on the email notification to alert me to new articles (and competitions).

    1. Richard Pedersen

      Hi Adam,

      I can sympathize with a hectic schedule. I’m supposed to be retired. Ha!

      Normally, we try to make sure the Giveaways and Contests begin on a date prior to the Newsletters being sent out.

      In this particular case, I didn’t get much notice and I certainly didn’t realize in the beginning that it was a one day affair.

      I hope you’ll understand that this is the exception rather than the rule.

      I see in your next comment that you have found the Activation Key to still be functioning, so all is not lost. According to my contact at EaseUS, the key shouldn’t be working now. Ah well, if it works, it works!

      I’d say get it while the getting is good,

  6. Anyway after my previous grumble I found that the software key was still working and the activation key still registered the software as I type this on the 8th Jan despite the information given above about it only available to register up until midnight 5th Jan. I suggest anyone else who wants it jump onto the link asap before EaseUS wakes up to the fact that it is still working !

  7. Kathleen Dombrowski

    Hello all, it is Sun. morn 8th. and installed without problems on 1PC and 2 Laptops. I’ve had this before but lost it when reformatting HDD. This is handy software THANKS for the heads up.

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