DVDFab Giveaway: DVDFab Media Player Pro (lifetime)

Free DVD/Blu-ray Player for Windows 10!

Here’s a giveaway that will be of special interest to Windows 10 users. Most would be aware by now that Windows 10 does not come with a media player which supports DVD and Blu-ray disc playback. Sure, those users can install a free media player, such as VLC, but even these will not play most commercial Blue-ray discs.

DVDFab is currently running a giveaway for its DVDFab Media Player Pro software (lifetime licenses), for both Windows and Mac, which includes full support for DVD/Blu-ray disc playback… offer ends 28th September.

DVDFab Media Player Pro – The Software

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DVDFab Media Player, including a Free version and a Pro version, is the best Blu-ray media player software available in cyberspace. Its impressive playback capacity presents video lovers the world first level media viewing experience at home. The Free Version is an amazing video player which plays back all the video formats you have, including the HEVC (H.265), UHD (Ultra High Definition) and 4K videos, as well as DVD/Blu-ray ISO image files and folders. In addition to all the features included in the Free Version, the Pro Version also supports Blu-ray disc playback and menu navigation.

While DVDFab Media Player Free edition supports playback of DVD and Blu-ray ISOs, the Pro edition adds the ability to play DVD and Blu-ray discs while also providing a navigation menu for same. DVDFab Media Player also supports UHD and 4K videos as well as playing most video formats out of the box, so no need to install additional codecs.

DVDFab Media Player Pro – The Giveaway

To get your free copy of DVDFab Media Player Pro, you’ll need to visit the special giveaway page here: http://www.dvdfab.cn/promotion.htm. Choose your operating system (Windows or Mac), input your email address and then click the Submit button:

dvdfab-get license

An email from DVDFab should arrive shortly thereafter (mine arrived within seconds) containing a link to download the software plus instructions on how to apply the attached key file to activate the Pro version.

(Tip: Install the software and then simply double click the key file to activate)


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  1. Interesting download Jim,

    Studiously going through the download & installation instructions it emerged that I could only ‘activate’ & not ‘register’ this product. To activate, it appears the product must first be purchased!

    A waste of capped Mobile Broadband data.

    • Isaac – You would normally have to pay for the key to activate the Pro version. However, in the case of this giveaway, the key is provided for FREE.

      All you have to do is follow the simple instructions included in this article:

      1) Visit the giveaway page, input your email address, and then click the Submit button
      2) Soon thereafter, you’ll receive an email from DVDFab with the free key file attached
      3) Download and install the software then simply double click the key file to activate.

      Nothing to pay, nothing could be simpler!

  2. I tried to get a key several days ago, but I didn’t receive one yet. I did a search and it seems others are having the same problem. On their last giveaway for passkey, I didn’t have any problems. I contacted them on their form, but have not received any information back, yet.

    The giveaway ends tomorrow, I am hoping they follow up.

    • Brad, I had problems too. I originally submitted a webmail (outlook.com) email address and never heard anything back. So, after 4 days I went back to the site and submitted the email address associated with my ISP and received a message that my IP address was already registered for the freebie. So, tried again using my ISP email address plus a different IP and this time I received the email from DVDFab within a matter of seconds.

      Sorry for the inconvenience, it seems that, for some reason, DVDFab is not accepting any webmail addresses.

      • In my search about people having problems someone asked if the key they received ended with a posted length of characters, and it seems it may have. Someone also posted a link to download the key. I don’t know if everyone received the same key, but it did work. If you look at the license information inside the program, it showed me the Advanced features were active for lifetime and the licensee as “Promotion”.

      • They have extended the giveaway for 10 more days, I just received and email from DVDFab today. I was also sent an email with the key attached from my contact with them.
        I can now verify it is the exact same key as I found on a forum where many people had not received a key.

  3. I received an email today (Oct. 18th) from DVDFab which included a link for both the Mac and Pc Keys for people that did not receive the key.