DCT Giveaway: Wondershare Fantashow (Windows & Mac)

Winners have now been drawn… and the winning names are:
  • Tom Linton
  • terry whitford
  • Raj
  • Brenda Mundy
  • Johnno
  • TimeTraveler
  • Tolani
  • Paul
  • Larry Henderson
  • T3d1


Each winner will be personally notified by email as soon as the license keys are received from Wondershare. Shouldn’t be more than a couple of days.

Congratulations to the winners and  thanks to all who entered… we need everyone’s support in order to keep these great giveaways coming!

Wondershare has most generously donated 10 licenses for the amazing Wondershare Fantashow for Windows and Mac to giveaway to our subscribers… thank you Wondershare!

This terrific software would normally sell for $49.95 but you now have the chance to win a FREE license just by submitting a reply to this article with a comment (please comment on the Wondershare Fantashow software).

  • *Competition closes at 00.01 (EST) on 12th August
  • *If your comment doesn’t appear immediately it is because first comments must be moderated. It will appear shortly!

Anyone can master movie-making!

Maybe you’ve got a genius friend who makes creating a work of art look easy. Well, with Wondershare Fantashow, you’re that person! With just a few clicks and your imagination, you can artfully arrange your photos and video to tell a moving story in mere minutes! Works beautifully with video and photo formats from any camera or PC!

Wondershare Fantashow is the fantastic tool that makes it easy to meld photos, music, effects and more into a movie metamorphosis. The real magic of Wondershare Fantashow is its colorful array of vibrant, animated and 3D templates that let you seamlessly showcase your precious memories. You can wow your family and friends in the way that the typical, static slideshow builder just can’t. And once you’re done, you can instantly share your show with the world via YouTube, DVD and more.

Being a father of 4, grandfather of 14, great grandfather, and the Hillier family computer expert to boot, you can imagine just how many video slide-shows I have been asked to create over the years – birthday parties, anniversaries, kids sporting events, you name it – creating a video slideshow is a great way to share and preserve those momentous occasions.

I’ve tried and tested all sorts of slideshow creation software – some good, some not so good, almost all not too easy to master. I must say I am mightily impressed with Wondershare Fantashow, not only do we get a very easy to use slideshow creator but very professional, high quality results too.

Wondershare Fatashow installs very cleanly with no bundling, toolbars or nasty surprises. And, I know it’s been said a hundred times, but this one really is a simple 3 step operation:

Select a theme: Themes are pre-designed to suit specific occasions, such as birthdays, weddings, holidays, etc.

Create: Import photos/video, select background music, input custom text, etc:

Export: For YouTube, mobile device, local file (in a variety of popular formats), or direct to DVD:

It really is that simple, Wondershare Fantashow takes care of all the rest – all effects, such as transitions, pan and zoom, etc. are incorporated into each theme and applied automatically – even Mums and Dads with little computer experience will master Wondershare Fantashow in no time. I would love to be able to show you an example, the results are truly amazing – definitely got that WOW factor.

  • Wondershare Fantashow for Windows and Mac HOME PAGE
  • Wondershare Fantashow USER GUIDE
  • Wondershare Fantashow TEMPLATES (themes)




  • Post one reply to this article. We would prefer if you commented on Wondershare Fantashow or told us a little about yourself.
  • Comments must be posted before 00:01(EST) on 12th August. Any replies after the cut off will be deleted and will not count.
  • Post only one comment! Users who abuse this rule may have all replies deleted and be banned from the contest.
  • On August 13th, 10 replies will be chosen by random number generator as winners of 1 FREE license each.
  • Winners will be notified by email at the email address they used to comment – be sure to use a valid email that you check regularly.
  • Winners must claim their license within 14 days of receiving official notification. Unclaimed licenses after that time may be re-drawn.

**IMPORTANT NOTE: Wondershare requires winners’ email addresses in order to process and issue the free licenses. By entering this competition, winners are explicitly agreeing to allow Daves Computer Tips to pass on details of their email address to Aimersoft. (there is no problem with this, it is absolutely standard practice. We just need to include a disclaimer to meet the requirements of our privacy policy).



Best of luck to all entrants, and a big THANK YOU again to Wondershare!

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