DCT Giveaway: Windows 8.1 64-bit Operating System

[message type=”info”]The winning name has now been drawn, and the winner is… drum roll… John Lesnak.

John has been notified by email and his prize will be mailed to him as soon as he responds.


Thanks to everyone who entered, and a special thanks to those who ‘Shared’, or ‘Liked’, or ‘Tweeted’.[/message]

Windows 8.1 logoDaves Computer Tips is offering our subscribers the chance to win a copy of Windows 8.1 64-bit, including installation media and genuine product key, absolutely free!

Bearing in mind that XP’s end of support date is just around the corner, and many XP users will be looking to upgrade their operating system, we thought this might be a timely and useful prize.

DCT is pretty much the ‘home’ of Windows 8/8.1. Dave, myself, and Richard are all running Windows 8.1 and we all like the new operating system. Between us, we have written and published numerous articles, all drawn from first hand experience – guides, tips, how-tos, and the like – to help users setup and manage their new operating system.

It’s a terrific resource for anyone upgrading to Windows 8 or 8.1 and you can access all those articles in the one place by utilizing the ‘Post Categories’ feature in the right hand navigation panel. Just click on the ‘Windows 8’ item to view a list of links to all relevant titles:


For your chance to win the Windows 8.1 64-bit disc and genuine product key, all you need do is simply submit a reply to this article with a comment. We’d prefer if you told us a little about yourself and why you would like a copy of Windows 8.1.

*Now, DCT has never limited its giveaways to Facebook and/or Twitter account holders, our policy has always been “open to everyone”, and we are not changing that now. However, it would be very much appreciated if all Facebook and Twitter account holders who enter the contest could Share, or Like, or Tweet, or whatever you can do to help spread the word. Thanks!

  • Competition closes 14th April
  • If your comment does not appear immediately it’s because first comments must be moderated, it will appear shorty!
  • A postal address will be required to deliver this prize – by entering this contest you are explicitly agreeing to provide a postal address if your name comes out as the winner. If you do not wish to provide a genuine postal address, please do not enter.

Competition Rules:

  • To enter: post one reply to this article commenting on why you would like a copy of Windows 8.1.
  • The contest ends on 14th April at 00:01 (EST), any entries made after that time will not be eligible.
  • Your comment MUST be made from a VALID email address – disposable email addresses will not be eligible.
  • Each user is allowed only one entry. In the spirit of fairness, abusers of this rule may have all entries removed, be banned from this contest, or banned from future contests.
  • Shorty after the contest ends the winner will be chosen by random number generator.
  • The winner’s name will be announced on the original giveaway page.
  • The winner will be notified by email at the email address they provided when leaving their comment – be sure to use a valid email that you check regularly.
  • The winner must claim their prize by submitting a contact form which will be available (on this page) once the draw has been completed and winning name published.
  • The winner must claim their license within 7 days. After the seven (7) day period, unclaimed prizes will be distributed at the sole discretion of DCT.

We think you’ll agree, this is one special prize… best of luck to all entrants!


265 thoughts on “DCT Giveaway: Windows 8.1 64-bit Operating System”

  1. Why I Would Like a Copy of Windows 8.1
    I am in the process of buying a NEW desktop. I had looked at what all the box stores had to offer and was resigned to the fact that I was going to have to learn WIN 8. I would then spend hours researching how to turn off many of the useless features (A useless feature is one that does not add to one’s requirements to get a job done efficiently or at least add to the enjoyment of doing the job.) and more hours trying to bend WIN 8 to work more like WIN 7 that I am comfortable with.
    Luckily for me, I found a friend of my son who had went into computing as a career and was the owner of a computer support company that has had continual growth over the past 20 years. He was able to give me friendly personal service and custom compile a new PC to meet my needs. I knew what each of the components were, unlike when buying bulk manufactured product using some cheaper components to keep the cost down. When it came to an OS system, he was able to still offer me WIN 7 as an option. I jumped at it realizing I would be up much sooner using my new desktop for what I needed it for.
    I am hesitant at not jumping in WIN 8 right now, but if I win a copy (or Microsoft starts nearly giving it away to build ownership) I could dual load the two systems and learn/customize the WIN 8 gradually before switching.

  2. Thank you for this great giveaway. I’m currently a Windows 7 user, and I have tried the Win8 Preview when it came out. While I didn’t exactly hate it, there was simply no incentive for me to switch over. However, now after MS has improved its OS, I’d be willing to switch over for good.

  3. Windows 8 was a waste, but Windows 8.1 is a much better bargain. This giveaway is a great option to try it out and see for myself.

  4. It`s great to have a windows 8.1 giveaway. I would like to have it because it will be latest and safest os i would like to try after i shift away from win xp as win xp support about to end. With the return of update 1 with old start menu back on track , it would be dream coming true . count me in for this latest package . Thanks for the giveaway.

  5. This DCT Giveaway is the best! I could really use a Windows 8.1 64-bit Operating System.

  6. I think the concept with windows 8 is basically sound, but they shouldn’t have rushed it.
    8.1 is much more balanced.

  7. My work and home computers have all been upgraded to Windows 7. I have recently helped someone set up there new Windows 8 laptop. I found out that I need some hands on experience to show someone else how to use and navigate this awkward OS. Thanks for the giveaway!

  8. I have vista on a pc that has 4gb of ram and a duo core processor,so i could run windows 8 with no problem,hope i win it,you have a great site Dave.

  9. Thank you Jim Hiller for this giveaway
    I would like to give my prize (if I win) to my father who has Windows XP. That’s all.

  10. I am currently using Windows XP, but in connection with the termination of support for this system is the time to make changes to the Windows 8.1 platform .That’s why I participate in this contest .
    I greet

  11. Hi.
    Currently on my laptop installed Vista. I understand that this is an obsolete version of the operating system. Therefore, I welcome the opportunity to upgrade on my laptop.
    Best regards!

  12. I have good laptop, but not very good system. I want to change it to new one – 8.1. Thanks!

  13. I need to upgrade my computer. This is a chance to do it at little to no cost. I am a 71 year old retired electronic tech. Would make a good present for my birthday tomorrow.

  14. Well great opportunity for me to grab a copy and upgrade my old Window Vista. I have hesitate to grab a copy of Window 8 previously as it receive pretty negative review from user. But hopefully this Window 8.1 would prove to be something different and stable in comparison to the previous Window 8 when it made its debut.

    Thank for this giveaway please I would love to take part in this contest!

  15. Im still having Window XP Pro on my desktop and since Microsoft decide to end he support for Window XP I think this would be a great opportunity to change to a new OS. Well I been thinking of reformatting my problematic and screwed up system anyway. Another good alternative would be Linux but hey finger cross if I able to grab a copy here why not? 🙂

    Thank for the giveaway.

  16. I`d like to win the license in order to discover the great new OS, to test its performance and use it on my daily activity. Many thanks.

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