DCT Giveaway: Ashampoo Burning Studio 15

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  1. Manuel Lima – (Not claimed, redrawn to Roger Lacy)
  2. Bob Bradshaw
  3. Krisztián Strigel
  4. Spy Gupta
  5. Alan Williams
  6. Merle One
  7. Ian Bobinson
  8. Roy Viner – (Not claimed, redrawn to John Hughes)
  9. Bryant Jackson
  10. Roel William


Congratulations to all winners and thank you to all entrants. A special thanks to all those who ‘Shared’ or ‘Tweeted’.[/message]

Ashampoo has kindly donated 10 licenses for its excellent Ashampoo Burning Studio 15 for us to give away to our subscribers. This is the very latest Ashampoo Burning Studio version, so new that it hasn’t even been officially released as yet!

Ashampoo Burning Studio 15 is scheduled for official release on 8th December and you now have the opportunity to be among the very first owners of this brand new edition… absolutely free!

Ashampoo Burning Studio 15 – The Software

ABS 15 - banner

Ashampoo Burning Studio 15 is everything you asked for. Discover the easy way to achieve professional results with an incredible intuitive, compact, yet immensely powerful Ashampoo Burning application. Video DVDs with fully-animated menus, music CDs with individually designed covers, password-protected data backups and so much more just a few mouse clicks away. Turn your photos into slideshows, add music and comments or save your CD collection to your hard disk. Burning Studio 15 takes full advantage of your PC’s capabilities to make the most out of your movies, photos and songs. Ashampoo Burning Studio 15 – everything you need.

  • Ashampoo Burning Studio 15 represents 15 years of developing experience with burning software used and trusted by more than 12 million users
  • Available in over 40 languages with satisfied customers in over 200 countries

I’ve reviewed Ashampoo Burning Studio so many times now I’ve run out of superlatives. Suffice to say that Ashampoo Burning Studio is THE best software of it kind, bar none. In fact, I would go so far as to say, it’s Ashampoo Burning Studio first and daylight second. What sets Ashampoo Burning Studio so far above the rest can be encapsulated in three key areas:

  1. Feature-Set: Ashampoo Burning Studio’s feature set is unparalleled, including everything the user could possibly want or need, in a single professional burning suite.
  2. Reliability: Ashampoo Burning studio is thoroughly reliable. No matter what task you set for it to do, Ashampoo Burning Studio will quickly and successfully complete it. No fuss, and no more coasters!
  3. Ease of Use: Ashampoo Burning Studio is just so easy to use. With its intuitive interface, including clearly defined options and menus, even the most novice of users cannot go wrong.

Of course, this latest edition of Ashampoo Burning Studio includes all the terrific features we’ve come to expect, presented in Ashampoo’s usual intuitive fashion:

ABS 15 - main interface

Expanded Sub-Menus

Burn Data
Burn Data








Disk Image
Disk Image
Movie + Slideshow
Movie + Slideshow






Advanced Functions
Advanced Functions

What other burning software incorporates all that functionality, including a professional slideshow creator and direct 1:1 disk copy?

Ashampoo Burning Studio 15 – The Giveaway

How Do I win?

We’d appreciate it if you’d take a moment and submit a comment about the Ashampoo Burning Studio software. However, submitting a comment is not required to enter this contest and will have no bearing on your chances.

For your chance to win, simply enter your name and valid email address in the spaces provided below then click Enter Contest. After your entry is accepted you will be presented with options to share the contest on Twitter and/or Facebook and each share will get you an additional entry. Sharing the contest on social media is completely voluntary, but encouraged. It works as follows:

  • Submitting name and email address gains one entry = one chance to win.
  • Then, sharing on Facebook gains one additional entry = two chances to win.
  • Tweeting on Twitter gains one additional entry = two chances to win.
  • Sharing on Facebook plus Tweeting on Twitter gains two additional entries = 3 chances to win.

Competition Rules:

  • To enter: simply submit your name and a valid email address.
  • You must submit a VALID email address. We need to contact the winner so disposable email addresses will not be eligible.
  • Additional entries may be earned by voluntarily sharing on Facebook and/or on Twitter.
  • Shortly after the contest ends the winner(s) will be chosen at random.
  • Winner(s) names will be posted on this giveaway page. Please check back here to see the winner(s) name announcement!
  • The winner(s) will be notified by email at the email address used to enter the contest – be sure to use a valid email that you check regularly.
  • Winner(s) must claim their license within 7 days. After the seven (7) day period, unclaimed prizes will be distributed at the sole discretion of DCT.
  • Entrants agree to allow DCT to communicate with them by email using the address provided by the entrant when entering the contest.

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Next Friday, 12th December, we’ll be presenting DCT’s own Xmas giveaway. I don’t want to spoil the surprise, suffice to say that it is pretty special, so make sure to watch out for that one!


18 thoughts on “DCT Giveaway: Ashampoo Burning Studio 15”

  1. Thank you for the opportunity of winning an awesome piece of software from in my estimation is one of the tops; if not the best and #1 software developer in the world. This is I believe is no different than than the +40 other software packages and/or programs I have from this outstanding software developer. I have used their software for various applications over time and the only thing I can add to their expertise and professionalism in software development is that they are just plain ‘GOOD’ at what they do. I have never had any problems with the use of their software. Just plain top of the line excellence. They are in my book second-to-none; in software development and design. Thank you Ashampoo for your uncompromising integrity and ongoing standard of professionalism and excellence.

  2. i have other ashampoo software i have won onine & on other blogs & on ashampoo facebook page hope i win a copy of this very good software burning program & thank you for letting me enter this contest good luck to the 10 lucky winners

  3. Clifford Truesdell

    Thank you Ashampoo for this give-a-way. From personal experience, your products are top-shelf. Thanks again. -Cliff

  4. I read about Ashampoo Burning Studio 15 recently and the additions to the new edition sound awesome .
    I have many other Ashampoo products which I use frequently, as the high class products perform exactly as described and Burning Studio edition 15 will be a beneficial step-up from my current edition Burning Studio14.

    Thank for the opportunity Jim.

  5. I got Burning Studio 10 a few years ago and have been very happy with the various burning modes. This new version has many new features that I am eager to try.

  6. I have used ashampoo burning software for years without any issues. Very good software. I hope I can win a copy for my newest laptop! Thanks for the chance.

  7. I dont have this software right now, I would love to have it, I have used it in the past.
    It works great and is easy to use,

  8. I have been exclusively utilizing the previous Burning Studio versions since they first came out and am totally satisfied with the performance of them.

  9. Thanks Jim, the DCT, and Ashampoo. We are both semi-retired now, with a growing number of young family and precious scenes and memories unfolding almost every day.
    Ashampoo products are excellent and we also would love to win one of the 10 giveaway copies.
    It will be used with love and genuine thankfulness and allow future (and current) family have a chance to see and remember something very special which would otherwise be completely lost for all time!

  10. I have been using Ashampoo Burning Studio 10 since it first came on the market and have found it to be the easiest to use in comparison to some of the high end products.

  11. I have been using Ashampoo Burning Studio for years, and have never had an issue with it’s performance. Thank you DCT and Ashampoo for this opportunity of free upgrade to version 15.

  12. I have progressed from BS10-14 over the last several years. It is reliable software and highly recommended.

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