Creating Smaller URLs

Why would you want a smaller URL?  I wanted smaller URLs for use in emails, anywhere I post on the web and almost explicitly for Twitter, where characters count.  Occasionally, I want a shorter URL because I don’t like the text in the URL, due to either poor web design or bad luck.  Face it, long URLs look messy anywhere you place them.

It used to be, if someone clicked on a long URL and it didn’t work, that person could then cut and paste the URL into the address bar.  Well, you can do the same thing with a shortened URL.  Sometimes, you just don’t know these things are available.

The site I use is:  (I’m sure there are others; use what you like.)  This site generates shorter URLs from long ones.

Tiny URL - site

To Use

  1. Locate and copy the URL you want to shorten. (Seriously folks, if it’s something like –    – you don’t need TinyURL!)
  2. Paste the copied URL into the upper text box shown above and click Make TinyURL!

tiny url created

In the example shown, you can see that the 84 character long URL has been shortened into a 26 character url and looks much neater.

  1. Copy and paste the shortened URL where you need it to go.

While the site does ask for donations, this is a free service.  Bookmark it because I think you’ll use it often.


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Karen is a 14 year veteran at an upstate New York college where she writes and edits end-user documentation to educate faculty and staff in computer software. She has been involved with software training for over 17 years, is experienced in producing training videos, blogs about technology, and creates instructional material for her day job. One of her passions is figuring things out. Her favorite motto is IBM’s old one word slogan: THINK.

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