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  • Windows 7 system restore explained

    Microsoft has included a system restore function in Windows since Windows ME as a way of providing protection to the important system files of the operating system. How successful this has been in the past is open to discussion, and many will say it has been less than reliable in versions prior to Vista. Microsoft […]

  • What is the Windows 7 device stage

    Microsoft introduced an interesting feature in Windows 7 named Device Stage, or Devices and Printers. Their goal was to create a central interface to manage and interact with all devices attached to the computer. Back in 2009 Microsoft described Device Stage as: Think of Device Stage as a home page for your hardware: When you […]

  • What is a URL?

    Well it’s not your neighbor, Earl! Well, it could be if you spell as badly as I do. If you look in address bar of your browser you will see a URL. A URL is an acronym for Uniform Resource Locator, and is similar to the address of your home. It provides a simple way […]

  • What is RAM (Random Access Memory)?

    Random Access Memory is more commonly referred to as RAM, and no it isn’t an animal! RAM is used by the CPU as short term data storage for your computer. RAM is also the fastest storage location available to the CPU, due to this adding RAM is the most cost efficient thing you can do […]