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  • Time to Set Tech Goals for 2016

    With the end of another year upon us, it’s time to close the books on 2015 and look forward to 2016. Will there be New Year’s resolutions made only to see them not make it past the first week of 2016? Most of the time we make resolutions about self-improvement or self-control with the occasional […]

  • 10 Best Tech Gifts for Your Christmas 2015

    Christmas is almost here so it is time to find that perfect tech gift. We all know it’s a pain to find that perfect gift for the techie in your life. If not for them for yourself. The time it takes to search through all those stores or even online can just suck. Especially when […]

  • Sony Announces the Death of Betamax (Finally)

    Forty years after their introduction, Sony has announced that it will no longer produce Betamax tapes after March 2016.   Currently, the tapes are only produced and sold in Japan. Introduced in 1975, the Betamax format was on its way to becoming the industry standard until the appearance of JVC’s Video Home System (VHS) format a year […]

  • Domino’s Keeping It Hot

    You ever wonder how pizza delivery could get even better? Of course you have, everyone has at one time or another while eating that delicious pizza… (thought bubble: I wonder how technology can improve the way pizza is delivered to my door?) The main reason this popped into my head is because of the recent creation of Domino’s adding […]

  • Super Drone! Are They Going Too Far?

    We have all seen these flying marvels either in the air or on the news? Drones have became the new big thing to own nowadays. Plus they have grabbed a lot of media attention for the way in which some businesses and civilians are using them. With that being said let’s talk a little bit about these […]

  • Are We Ready For Mars?

    As I said in my article “Where In The World Is Tech Man?” I have been doing a little research on going to Mars. Now what I’m ask in this article is “Should we?” and “Are we ready to take this leap?” With technology and the human race both growing so fast it might be […]

  • 5 Ideas For Tech-ing Out Your Halloween

    With Halloween around the corner, I thought it would be fun to research some Halloween gadgets.  Being a father of 3 boys, I have to get very inventive when it comes to Halloween and while I was researching, I noticed that some regular tech was being used in very cool ways to create Halloween fun.  […]

  • Are You Easily Distracted by Shiny Objects?

    The Devil is in the detail I’ve noticed over the years, since I got seriously interested in computers and technology, that a sense of order when working with all things tech is pretty much paramount, but does that mean I have OCD, otherwise known as obsessive compulsive disorder? A condition where people feel the need to […]