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  • Games to Look Forward to in 2015 – Part 2

    The Division Ubisoft Massive Entertainment Release date : 2015 [youtube][/youtube] First announced at E3 2013, The Division is largely inspired by Directive 51 and Operation Dark Winter, playing on the fragile threads that bind society together in the face of an outbreak of disease which brings the United States to its knees within a very […]

  • Game Review – Tomb Raider (2013)

      TOMB RAIDER Publisher: Square Enix Developer: Crystal Dynamics Review Platform : PC Release Date: March 2013 It’s never too late to write about a good game, particularly when that game has had new life breathed into it, as is the case with Tomb Raider. It’s also quite timely following the controversial decision of Microsoft […]

  • Games to Look Forward to in 2015 – Part 1

    Next year promises to be a vintage year for games, not to mention the hit your wallet’s going to take, so start saving those pennies right now. Some of the trailers shown here are not suitable for the squeamish. Dead Island 2 Yager Development Publisher Deep Silver Projected release date: Spring 2015 Video games are […]

  • Men and Video Games – What’s The Deal?

    Are you a real man? It’s pretty clear that men are getting a bum deal in video games and if the opinions from some quarters are to be believed, our DNA is about to be re-engineered as gender neutral. Sounds horrifying doesn’t it? I mean, you were born with a pair and you want to keep […]

  • #Gamergate – The New Fundamentalists?

    #Gamergate, if you haven’t heard of it by now and I wouldn’t blame you if you hadn’t, is a curiously toxic mix of allegations and counter allegations, which seemingly started life as an everyday kiss and tell story, the like of which you might have read in a bottom-shelf rag mag. Streisand effect, tropes, doxing, […]

  • 7 New Free Mobile Games Worth Checking Out

    Here are some cool free games for mobile devices which have been released during the past 6 weeks or so: Angry Birds: Stella Join Stella and her super adventurous friends on a quest to protect Golden Island from the greedy Bad Princess and her clueless piggies! Meet this fierce new bunch, master their amazing superpowers, […]

  • Freeware Game of the Week: Sunny Mini Golf Pro

    Sunny Mini Golf Pro is a very good 3D mini golf game packaged into a very small download… just 3.2 MB. Sunny Mini Golf Pro – Download & Installation Download is a 3.2 MB executable which is flagged by one of 55 antivirus engines through Virus Total. Seeing how 54 antivirus engines give the file […]

  • Destiny Trailer – Game or Movie? (video)

    Bungie’s next big title, first-person shooter space-themed MMO ‘Destiny’, is due to be launched on September 9th. Joseph Kosinski of “Oblivion” and “Tron: Legacy” fame has worked together with Bungie, Activision, and 72andSunny to put together a 90 second commercial showing us what Destiny might look like as an action movie – the result is […]

  • The Rise and Fall of Tomb Raider

    You have meddled with the primal forces of nature and we won’t have it. Is that clear? ¶ For Tomb Raider fans, this pretty much sums up the feelings about Crystal Dynamics’ decision to go all exclusive and cuddly with Microsoft’s Xbox One, by ignoring the many, to satisfy the few and putting shareholders’ dividends […]

  • Free Game of the Week – Asteroids+Plus

    Following on the theme from last weeks games article (6 Free Portable Retro Games), here is another portable retro remake. Asteroids+Plus from Cubex Digital Entertainment Asteroids+Plus is what Asteroids always wanted to be when it grew up. Utilize an arsenal of weapons and missiles against the alien armies that are bent on annihilating Earth. Pick […]