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  • Be Wise Optimize – Part 1

    **Note: This is an in-depth article and as such is broken down into multiple pages. Please scroll to the bottom to continue reading the next page. Just about everyone’s computer slows down over time.  One of the reasons is that your operating system, programs and browsers collect an incredible amount of data. Not all this […]

  • Aomei OneKey Recovery: Backup Your System to a Recovery Partition

    Most regular DCT readers will be well aware of the importance we place on creating backups, and especially full system backups. The ability to restore a system to a previous healthy state can overcome just about every major issue encountered by users, including terminally corrupt or infected systems. Creating a Recovery Partition to Protect Your […]

  • SunsetScreen – Automatically Reduces Screen Glare

    SunsetScreen is a small program, available in both installer and portable editions, which automatically reduces monitor glare according to the time of day. So, instead of being fully bright all throughout the day and night, the screen changes according to the natural day/night cycle. SunsetScreen performs a similar chore to the popular F.Lux application but […]

  • 10 All Time Best Freeware

    I’ve been writing about freeware now for more than a decade, starting out working freelance when the likes of Clif Sipe and Ian “Gizmo” Richards ruled the roost, until around 7 years ago when I hooked up full time with Dave here at DCT. Back in the day, with new products constantly hitting the market […]

  • Light Alloy Media Player – Better than VLC ?

    First off, I should point out that I am not particularly into media players myself. I work with video a lot but it is all manipulating and previewing rather than actual viewing, and a 5.1 surround sound system takes care of my music needs. I have dabbled with third party media players in the past, […]

  • google-earth-screenshot

    Google Earth Pro Is Now Free!

    Google Earth. It’s one of those programs that inspires awe and continues to amaze me. Many hours can be spent within this gorgeous interface for both education and entertainment. You won’t be disappointed. Google has always provided a free version but now they have done the unthinkable. The Pro version, normally priced at $399 US […]

  • Toolbars & PUPS – The New Revenue Raiser

    Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPS), have been infesting our machines for years but certainly not in the same quantity and frequency as today. Unfortunately, freeware developers appear to have cottoned on to this shabby method for creating additional income in droves, to the point where, in this day and age, unpolluted freeware is becoming a genuine […]