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  • Recovering Photos From A Corrupted SD Card

    Originally written May 24 2015 My nephew recently graduated from High School which meant a lot of pictures taken. Unfortunately the camera malfunctioned during the graduation ceremony and it seemed to have deleted all of the photos on the camera. His mother was devastated. She brought me the memory card from the camera to try […]

  • How To Clean Malware from an Unbootable or Unusable System

    Programs such as Malwarebytes Anti-Malware free are all well and good for cleaning malware infections provided you can access and use the operating system, but what about a machine which is so heavily infected the operating system won’t load or, if it does, is not responsive or functional? That’s where the bootable malware removal tools […]

  • Find Your Email Password(s) with “MailPassView”

    Forgot your email password? So many clients that I work with misunderstand email passwords and how they are created. When I ask them… “what’s your email password“, the two most common answers are… “I don’t have an email password” or “wouldn’t have a clue”. This is perfectly understandable as an email password is setup via […]

  • Secure Folders Official Site Now Back Online

    A little over a week ago we published a review of the very good Secure Folders freeware, you can catch up with that article here: Protect Sensitive Files with ‘Secure Folders’. Shortly thereafter one of our readers reported that the official Secure Folders site linked to in the article was offline with the message, “This […]

  • Secure Folders Download Link

    In a recent article I reviewed and recommended Secure Folders as a simple and effective means of protecting sensitive files and folders – catch up with that article here: Protect Sensitive Files with ‘Secure Folders’. In true Murphy’s Law, shortly after I published the article, including a direct download link, the developer’s site went offline […]

  • Be Wise Optimize – Part 1

    **Note: This is an in-depth article and as such is broken down into multiple pages. Please scroll to the bottom to continue reading the next page. Just about everyone’s computer slows down over time.  One of the reasons is that your operating system, programs and browsers collect an incredible amount of data. Not all this […]

  • Aomei OneKey Recovery: Backup Your System to a Recovery Partition

    Most regular DCT readers will be well aware of the importance we place on creating backups, and especially full system backups. The ability to restore a system to a previous healthy state can overcome just about every major issue encountered by users, including terminally corrupt or infected systems. Creating a Recovery Partition to Protect Your […]

  • SunsetScreen – Automatically Reduces Screen Glare

    SunsetScreen is a small program, available in both installer and portable editions, which automatically reduces monitor glare according to the time of day. So, instead of being fully bright all throughout the day and night, the screen changes according to the natural day/night cycle. SunsetScreen performs a similar chore to the popular F.Lux application but […]

  • 10 All Time Best Freeware

    I’ve been writing about freeware now for more than a decade, starting out working freelance when the likes of Clif Sipe and Ian “Gizmo” Richards ruled the roost, until around 7 years ago when I hooked up full time with Dave here at DCT. Back in the day, with new products constantly hitting the market […]