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    How To Use Find & Replace In PowerPoint 2016

    Find And Replace When you are working with longer presentations, it can be tedious trying to find and locate a specific word or phrase. The good news is PowerPoint can quickly and easily search your presentation using the Find feature and can just as easily and quickly replace words and phrases using the Replace feature. […]

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    How To Transfer Fonts In Word

    Fonts are a necessary part of any computer system, but especially systems that use word processing programs (i.e., Microsoft Word). Very often, different systems have different fonts. There could be times when one may consider transferring fonts from one system to another. You should know that fonts are stored in files on your computer system. […]

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    How To Edit Hyperlink In MS Office

    Hyperlinks in MS Office Once a hyperlink is placed in your document, it is not out of the ordinary to periodically change that link somewhere down the road. Fortunately, Microsoft has made this task very easy for us. Follow the steps below to learn how: Place your cursor in the hyperlink, display the Insert tab […]

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    How To Continue Numbering In Word Documents

    Numbering In Word There is a handy Word feature that will allow you to easily pick up numbering where you previously left off. This is great for numbered lists that are interspersed with paragraphs that are formatted differently. Follow the steps below to learn how: Key in the first part of your numbered list and […]

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    How To Prevent Straggling Headings In Word

    Straggling Headings Sometimes, there are paragraphs that naturally belong with another paragraph. For instance, section headings belong with the paragraphs that follow them, a signature line belongs with the explanation line that may be after it, and a figure belongs with the caption that may follow it. Fortunately, Word makes it very easy to keep […]

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    How To Change Style Gallery In Word

    Word 2016 Style Gallery Did you ever wonder if you could change what is shown in Word’s Style Gallery? How to add your own styles to it?  Or rearrange the order in which your styles appear in the gallery? Well, as it happens, changing what appears in your style gallery is actually easier than one […]