Word 2016

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    How To Save Word Doc As PDF In Office 365

    With any job, you probably have to work in Microsoft Word. That is no different for me and sometimes I need to convert that Word doc into a PDF. I have written a few articles on working with PDFs. Here are a few you can check out: How To Insert Pages Into A PDF File  How To Sign PDF File In Adobe Acrobat   How To Move […]

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    How To Paste Text Without Formatting

    If you reference information from online sources, sometimes when you copy the information directly into Word, there can be issues, such as it does not look exactly the way you thought it would or how you wanted it. In most instances, you will not want to keep the original formatting of what you are copying, […]

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    Take Care When Modifying “Normal.dotm” In Word

    Normal.dotm Whether you know it or not, every document you create in Word starts with the template named Normal.dotm. This template includes the default styles and behavior that determine the look of each new document you create. You may modify this template to avoid resetting something every time you open a new document. BUT, beware […]

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    How To Set Line Spacing In Word 2016

    The latest iteration of Word is geared more toward folks using the Web. The default line spacing has been changed to 1.15 — a more casual look that works well if you are creating content for the Web. If you are not, however, and most are not, you can change this setting. Line Spacing Most […]

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    How To Prevent Straggling Headings In Word

    Straggling Headings Sometimes, there are paragraphs that naturally belong with another paragraph. For instance, section headings belong with the paragraphs that follow them, a signature line belongs with the explanation line that may be after it, and a figure belongs with the caption that may follow it. Fortunately, Word makes it very easy to keep […]

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    How To Change Style Gallery In Word

    Word 2016 Style Gallery Did you ever wonder if you could change what is shown in Word’s Style Gallery? How to add your own styles to it?  Or rearrange the order in which your styles appear in the gallery? Well, as it happens, changing what appears in your style gallery is actually easier than one […]