• How to Speed Up Chrome with OneTab

    Chrome, A Memory Hog? If you have ever wondered why your Chrome browser can be such a memory hog, try looking at it in Resource Monitor. To access Resource Monitor: press Ctrl + Shift + ESC to open Task Manager. Now select the Performance tab and then click on Open Resource Monitor shown on the […]

  • How To Use TOR to Surf Anonymously

    What is TOR? Tor is a free software browser that is designed to defend against traffic analysis. Traffic analysis is a fancy way of saying that there are individuals and organizations who monitor your internet traffic and use that information in many ways. By knowing where the traffic originates and where it ends up, others […]

  • The End of Adobe Flash Player

    Gone in a Flash! From it’s humble beginnings as an animation tool, Flash has come a long way. Flash made the internet come alive with movement, from whimsical banner ads to your favorite YouTube video. Flash was ubiquitous in the world of computers. In 2005, it became the most widely distributed media format, overtaking Java, […]

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    Fix News Feed Not Displaying in Edge

    I stumbled upon this issue quite by accident. My old mate brings round his desktop tower because none of his three browsers will open – Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Edge. I set the tower up on my workbench, connect to monitor and peripherals, and when the Windows 10 log-on screen appears I ask him to […]

  • Firefox 43 Automatically Disables Unsigned Add-ons

    Starting with the recent release of version 43, Mozilla is no longer allowing “unsigned” add-ons to run in Firefox and is automatically disabling any such add-ons during the update process. Unsigned add-ons are all browser extensions that have not been submitted to Mozilla for signing, including add-ons integrated into 3rd party software and extensions that […]

  • Chrome & Firefox’s Market Shares Zooming, But in Opposite Directions

    With the latest browser market share statistics now available, it is becoming apparent that the infamous ‘browser war’ is all but over. Market share as at the end of October shows Chrome achieving a new milestone, breaching 30% for the first time, while Firefox’s market share creeps ever closer toward a disastrous single digit: Comparing […]

  • Firefox set to Combat Intrusive Advertising

    With the latest Firefox build (42), due for release on 3rd November, Mozilla is taking a significant step in the battle against intrusive advertisers by adding a Tracking Protection option to its Private Browsing mode. For years Mozilla has tried to get the advertising industry onside with a similar technology known as ‘Do Not Track’ […]

  • How To Fix: The security certificate has expired or is not yet valid

    The first time I came across this issue was when a guy called me because, after re-installing WinXP on his computer, he kept receiving the following error message when trying to get online: the security certificate has expired or is not yet valid. Tried updating the certificates according to info on the internet, then tried […]

  • Clip & Annotate Web Pages with ‘Edge’ Browser

    Much has been written about some of the negative aspects of Windows 10, including a lot of “mountain out of a molehill” type sensationalist stories. While we here at DCT will certainly inform you if there is actually anything to be concerned about, we tend to concentrate more on the positive aspects. We’ve already published […]

  • Adobe Flash Set For Extinction

    Java, Flash, & HTML5 – A Little History One upon a time, websites relied on Java and Flash to present interactive content such as games and videos. Then, along came HTML5, the latest web standard which can do the job of both Java and Flash. Many, if not most websites, now support HTML5, even if […]

  • Firefox Add-ons, Major Compatibility Changes Coming

    In a recent announcement, Mozilla revealed that it will deprecate support for its current add-ons and go the Chrome route. The four major changes in the pipeline that will affect developers and users alike are: Implementing a new extension API called WebExtensions The multi-process architecture “Electrolysis” Add-on validation and signing The deprecation of XPCOM- and […]