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    Chrome – High CPU Usage? Reinstall It

    I just had to clean out another laptop– this one was running Windows 7. I ran the usual cleaning procedures which you can read about in this article: How To Get Rid of Most Malware After all was said and done, the Chrome browser seemed to be misbehaving. Task Manager showed a constant CPU usage […]

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    Opera Browser – Speed And Privacy

    Opera I’ve experimented and changed web browsers over the years. I started with IE, then Netscape, Opera and Firefox. Then Mozilla Suite which became SeaMonkey. Then there’s K-Melon, Otter, and Vivaldi and Chrome. Tried them all. Originally, I settled on the Mozilla Suite until Mozilla gave up and it became SeaMonkey. If you’d like to […]

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    Firefox Trashes SSDs With Constant Writes

    Constant SSD Writes It is a well-known fact that Solid State Drives (SSD) have a singular number of available write operations before they “die”. Firefox compounds that problem with its restore option. Firefox has a feature allowing it to recover from crashes. This is a good thing, but it accomplishes this by constantly writing/updating a […]

  • Install & Manage Extensions in Edge

    Yes folks, with the advent of the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, Microsoft has finally fulfilled its earlier promise to provide an extensions platform for the new default Edge browser. So, if you’ve installed the Anniversary Update, you can now install extensions for Edge. If you’re unsure of your Windows 10 version, open the Start Menu […]

  • Chrome Hits all time High, Firefox Hits all time Low

    The browser war is over, all hail the King… Google Chrome! It took a while for Google’s Chrome browser to hit number one in desktop market share, but now that it has, it’s decimating the opposition. Of course, Microsoft aided and abetted Chrome’s cause by changing the default browser in Windows 10 – with Internet […]

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    Chrome To Block Flash Content By Default

    The Demise of Flash The programming code that brought the flat, two-dimensional Web to life on your computer monitor is now on life support. For well over a decade, Flash has brought us both eye-popping on-screen functionality and heart-stopping security vulnerabilities. It has been both loved and maligned, and it is now one step closer […]

  • Useful Browser Information, and More is essentially a tech support aid which provides basic yet useful information about a user’s browser. Those of you who are the go-to-person for computer issues among your group of family and friends will know exactly where I’m coming from – if you’re trying to track down a potentially internet related problem for example, […]

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    Why I Use Firefox

    Firefox On my computer, the one thing I use the most is my browser. It is hands down the most important application on my system. Over the years I have tried several other browsers. Ultimately, I always come back to Mozilla’s Firefox. In my view, no other browser offers any features or usability differences significant […]

  • Firefox Continues Losing Market Share

    The latest desktop browser market share figures from NetMarketShare do not paint a pretty picture for the once popular Firefox: As you can see from the above screenshot, Firefox has been steadily losing ground until its desktop browser market share has finally dropped to a potentially disastrous all time low, now sitting at below 9% […]

  • Chrome Hits #1, Firefox Sinks Even Further

    A rather momentous event passed virtually unnoticed last month when, after years of domination, Internet Explorer was finally deposed as number 1 browser. No other browser has gotten anywhere near Internet Explorer in terms of market share until relatively recently but Google Chrome has now managed to topple the giant: It’s a slim margin but, […]