California neighborhood terrorized by prolific cat burglar!

A California neighborhood has been living with a cat burglar in its midst , but nobody is really worried about losing any items for good – they know where Dusty, the Klepto Kitty, lives.

Dusty has taken at least 600 items over the past three years, from shoes to stuffed bears to towels to bathing suits. Dusty makes his rounds at night hauling home the stolen goods in the early morning.

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2 thoughts on “California neighborhood terrorized by prolific cat burglar!”

  1. Responsible Cat Owner

    Would the owner be laughing and thinking it’s cute if her child was doing this? What does she do with the stuff he brings home? Wait for the owners to come looking for them? What if he went into stores or banks and brought back cash….would that be “cute”? Same thing!
    This neighbourhood pest should be locked up at night so the residents can rest easy.

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