BlazeVideo Giveaway Round 2: BlazeVideo Video Editor *Lifetime*

BlazeVideo’s Christmas promotion continues on to round 2, this time the giveaway is for BlazeVideo Video Editor and, once again, the licenses are *lifetime*. BlazeVideo Video Editor would normally sell for $29.95us but is available free for everyone right now… expires 4th January.

BlazeVideo Video Editor – The Software


BlazeVideo Video Editor is an easy-to-use video editing software that allows you to clip, crop, rotate and flip videos. You can also add watermark texts and subtitles to the videos, or transfer files to iPad, iPhone, iPod and other mobile phones. This video editor software supports Windows XP/Vista/7.

BlazeVideo Video Editor allows you to edit video’s brightness, hue, saturation and contrast in order to get the best effect. There are also many other predefined video editing effects available for you to choose your best options.

BlazeVideo Video Editor allows you to source video info like file info (filename, format, filesize, duration), video info (format, codec, size, bitrate, framerate) and audio info (format, codec, bitrate, channel and samplerate) before completing video editing works.

BlazeVideo Video Editor giveaway – How to get it

Simply visit the special BlazeVideo promotion page here: and click on the Free Download button:

blazevideo video editor gway

This will initiate a 34.00MB rar download which includes the setup file plus a text file containing your license code.

**Not sure why BlazeVideo chose the rar format when zip would have been much more convenient. Anyway, there are several free tools available which will unpack rar files for you, if you need any assistance in this regard please feel free to ask via the comments.

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  1. I tried a different .rar extractor and came up with this one.

    Be careful if looking for a .rar file extractor and Cnet is chosen for the program.

    Use Custom to download and be aware to untick the ticked box if you don’t want to add an unwanted TV searcher to your computer.

    Frog loaded without a problem.

    Follow the instructions and drag and drop the Blaze .rar file into Frog, then choose the package location. I sent it to Desktop and opened it without a problem.



  2. If someone clicks on the big green button above the link above it goes to another site. That site is associated with Conduit, which is a malware and toolbar installation site. I exited out and ran a scan to make sure it did not install anything. You might want to mention clicking on the real link in the body of the text. I do not want you to get a bad rap for installing viruses.