Bing Homepage Gallery – Great Collection of Wallpapers

Earlier this month Bing launched a new Home Page Gallery showcasing images featured on the U.S Bing homepage during the past 5 years. The gallery includes loads of terrific 1920 x 1200 images all available for download and selectable by category, colour schemes, and geographical locations:

bing - categories

Images are displayed as thumbnails – click on a thumbnail to view in larger size including a full description. When you are ready to download, click on the downward pointing arrow at bottom right of the window, as indicated in the following screenshot:

Click image to enlarge

Click image to enlarge

The image will then open full screen:

  • Firefox:  right click the image and select “Save Image As”.
  • Internet Explorer: right click the image and select “Save picture as”.
  • Google Chrome: images will automatically download to your default directory.

Here is a preview of a selection of thumbnails, just to wet your appetite:

bimg gallery - thumnails

There are some really fabulous images included in the collection, enjoy!!


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  1. Hi Jim. Any of those photos would beat my plain army green desktop. Guess I’m just a plain guy. Really liked the Mount Shasta photo in California. Daniel.

  2. Thanks for this link, Jim.
    Must say I still tend to place shortcuts on the main screen and not “pin to taskbar.”
    God knows why..but I do.
    And my previous wallpaper was a multi-coloured pix. of Sydney Harbour which while looking lovely it did manage to hide most of my shortcuts. They disappeared at times..well became camouflaged within the mighty scene !!
    I was always having to search for the required program and drag out a shortcut only to see that it was named “shortcut2” !! The original turning up from within the Opera house or Harbour Bridge!!
    Anyway..I’ve now downloaded a nice blue winters scene from the site you mentioned and lo and behold many old shortcuts are now visible, reappearing from the ether!!
    So thanks for that. I now have an easier desktop to see and a tidier one too.