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We all have expired software.

Just about everyone’s computer slows down over time.  One of the reasons is that your operating system, programs and browsers collect an incredible amount of data. Not all this data is necessary, as a matter of fact most of it is “Junk”.

Removing unused programs can release some valuable disk space and removing start up files that are not useful may also increase your computers speed.

Unfortunately the number of “Computer Cleaning Programs” is staggering and many, if not most, are certainly not worth the asking price. Many are really more harmful than helpful. let alone the fact that you may be downloading, viruses, malware, etc. Is it worth the risk? Yes. If you are careful there are a few good optimizing programs out there and a couple of the best are free.

The step by step process can be lengthy so I have broken this tutorial into two parts.  In part 1 we are going to do a step by step download and operation of the most common features. In part 2 we will cover the additional utilities offered in the full free version.

Wise Care 365 is an “all in one” product from the makers of Wise Cleaner. It is now a full suite of useful utilities from search engines to plug-in managers. They have added a lot of functionality to the single cleaner program. We will be covering them all.

Wise Care 365 Free – The complete rundown

Wise Cleaner


Website Screen

Start by downloading directly from their website. ( Going to third party sites to download may add extra toolbars and programs if you are not vigilant.

Once on the site simply click on the “Free Download” button shown above. Depending on the browser you are using, the opening windows will give you an option of saving the file or opening directly from the website.


Save File Window

Once the file is downloaded it will look something like this in your browser, click on it to launch the installation program.


Opening Installer Screen

The Welcome Screen is presented. Click Next to proceed.


Welcome Screen

Accept the EULA agreement and then click next

EULA Agreement

EULA Agreement

Select your save location or click next to go with the default.


Select Save Location

When the “Ready to Install” screen appears, click on Install to begin.


Ready To Install

That’s it, the program has been installed on your computer. Click on “Finish” to launch Wise Care 365. As the program launches it will also launch a webpage from the Wise Cleaner site. Close the webpage and proceed to the program.


Finishing Up

When the program first opens it defaults to the PC Checkup Tab at the top of the screen.


Program Open To The PC Check Up Screen

As you can see from the screen, it has been 9 days since I have performed a check up. Obviously your screen will read differently. Click on Checkup.

PC Checkup

The results screen shown below states that I have 6878 problems or a health index of 2.7. Well, their definition of a problem is a little different than mine. Having a .5k unneeded file on your hard drive is hardly a problem, having a thousand is not a problem either but the point is enough of them may cause a loss of storage space and if nothing else you really don’t need them so let’s get rid of them.


Cleaning Results Screen

Click on the green Fix button to get rid of them. You will receive a notice to close all the browsers you have open before Wise Cleaner can proceed.


By the way, in case you are wondering what the problems are, you may click on the down arrow shown on the far right of the item to see the detailed results. In my results screen below Wise Cleaner has corrected all the problems except those in red and now shows a health index of 9.0


Detail View of Results

Basically, you have just finished cleaning a lot of junk files and other things from your computer.  The first item “Privacy Risks” did not clean up. I have clicked on the down arrow to show you a close up of the remaining problems.   Note: Privacy Risks are not correctable by Wise Cleaner Free but they can be easily removed by running CCleaner.  Your score will then be 10.

You are done with your checkup. Let’s proceed with system cleaner.

System Cleaner

Click the System cleaner button at the top of the screen to continue.  On the left hand side you will see five categories that System Cleaner addresses.  You may only clean four of the five areas in the free version.


List of Pre-scan Items

Registry Cleaner

Before we start, lets discuss the effectiveness of cleaning the registry.  If your computer is running perfectly fine then I would leave the registry alone. The actual effectiveness of cleaning the registry is a topic of debate by some individuals but I personally have found it to be beneficial to run when the number of items are excessive or I do indeed have a problem. The choice on cleaning the registry or not is yours.

Note: Whenever cleaning, or doing anything with the Windows Registry it is a good practice to create a backup prior to doing it.  Also, creating a Restore Point is a plus, I always like to be on the safe side but to be honest I have never had a problem.  Hit the Scan button.

After hitting scan, Wise Cleaner will scan your registry looking for broken links, fragments left behind by uninstalls, etc.


List Of Registry Issues

The issues are listed for each area of the scan.  You may click on a arrow next to a check box to view the individual items if you wish. Click on “Clean” to fix them. Most of the time all the items will fix automatically but there are times when one or two will not. Simply click the check box next to the item that was not fixed and hit clean again to fix it.


Custom Area View

If you are interested, you may want to view just what items are being scanned.  Click on the Custom Area icon located in the bottom right corner to bring up this screen. You may add ore remove the areas to be scanned.


All Registry Issues Fixed

Your Registry is now clean.

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