Apple Continues Security Rollout

Well, I got prompted by Apple to set up some security questions when I tried to download an app to my iPhone today. I had heard that this was coming and I guess today was my day. It doesn’t seem to be across the board so I’m not sure what the magical formula is for rolling this out. I am the only one in family prompted for this information thus far.

After entering your iTunes password, you are prompted to select three security questions. While some of the questions are pretty routine (What was your first car? Who was your first teacher?) while others are somewhat less common, at least in my experience (In what city did your mother and father meet?, What was your least favorite car?).

In addition to the security questions, you are asked to provide a ‘rescue’ email address. Apparently, this is optional and may be used by Apple if they would need to reset your password, for example.

You may be prompted for this information in iTunes on your Mac or PC or on your device when you next try to download an app, book or music.

This screen image is from iTunes on a Mac.  If you are prompted for this information from your device, the input screen will look a little different  but asks for the same information.

Image: The Mac Observer

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