Aimersoft Giveaway: Video Studio Express (Time limited!)

We have received an email from Aimersoft with advanced notice of an upcoming giveaway. The giveaway is for Aimersoft Video Studio Express and will be available for 3 days, from August 19th through to August 21st. Aimersoft Video Studio Express would normally sell for $35.00us but will be available free for everyone during the aforementioned dates.

Aimersoft Video Studio Express Giveaway – the software


Aimersoft Video Editor is an easy-to-use yet powerful video editing program that lets you compile any movie or video projects from videos, audio files and photos in just a few clicks. With it, you can create professional-looking movies with stylish video effects, scene transitions, background music and more to amaze the audience and share them with the world instantly.

  • Create eye-catching movies from any video, audio and image files
  • Edit your movie precisely with separate tracks for video, audio and music
  • Personalize media files with basic features like trim, crop, rotate, etc.
  • Touch up your videos with filters, special effects, transitions and more
  • Share and broadcast your movie virtually anywhere you like


Aimersoft Video Studio Express Giveaway – how to get it.

Because this is special advanced notice for DCT readers the giveaway is not yet live… so, obviously, we cannot provide the usual blow by blow directions. However, if you visit this page…… during the specified dates, you will see details of the giveaway including instructions on how to proceed.

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    • Sorry to hear that Dan. Aimersoft is generally a very reliable company. Unfortunately, I cannot check the process for you because the giveaway has now expired… sorry.

      Cheers… jim