A Quick Look Around Windows 8.1 (video)

The following video is just a cursory tour around the Windows 8.1 operating system. I created it primarily for the benefit of those users who have not yet had the opportunity for a first hand look at Windows 8 or 8.1.

I’m still nervous when making these videos… which, seeing how there is only me, a microphone, and the dog, is pretty silly… so please bear with me:



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Jim Hillier

Jim is the resident freeware aficionado at DCT. A computer veteran with 30+ years experience who first started writing about computers and tech back in the days when freeware was actually free. His first computer was a TRS-80 in the 1980s, he progressed through the Commodore series of computers before moving to PCs in the 1990s. Now retired (aka an old geezer), Jim retains his passion for all things tech and still enjoys building and repairing computers for a select clientele... as well as writing for DCT, of course.


  1. Helpful video, Jim.
    Just starting with Win8.1 and need all the help I can get.

    That business about hiding the Start Button cracked me up. MS can’t win, can they…

    I like your wallpaper, too đŸ™‚

  2. Well done Jim, simple and straightforward. It amazes me the amount of people complaining about the Win 8 ‘Start’ button, or lack of, on their PC/Laptop, yet spend a great deal of time with a touch-pen on a little 100 mm x 60 mm phone screen.



  3. I found this very informative, the only negative comment I can relay is that I have old eyes, because I am an elderly person – only in actual age not in my way of thinking. I wish you would enlarge your CURSOR so it could be easier to spot while it moves amid all those tiles.

    • @PG,

      If you look down in the bottom right hand corner of the gray control bar there is a box icon at the very end. Clicking that box will make the video full screen and may help you.

    • Good point PG. It’s not difficult to do and something I should have thought of. I enlarged my shortcut icons just for the video but forgot all about the mouse cursor.

      I’ll give myself an uppercut and make sure to enlarge the mouse cursor in future videos… appreciate your input.

      Cheers… Jim

  4. Excellent video, just learning 8.1, but I have found that when you drag an app to the bottom of the screen, you must hold it there for 2 seconds till it rolls over, then it is turned off.

  5. Thank you Jim, a most instructive video, with excellent graphics. This is my look at Windows 8 – I have never before seen it at this depth.

    My eldest daughter, now in her 50’s (catching up to me), and no slouch on a PC, went from Win 7 to Win 8 without a second thought, much to my amazement, and when I asked her how she finds it, her reply was: “It’s beautiful. And so user-friendly”

    Well, it seems most folk don’t think as she does. Maybe it just doesn’t work for businesses? I dunno, but I really like the look of it, now that I have seen it, howbeit briefly, in action.

    Hey, I love your Aussie accent! It’s almost as bad as the South African one!! Hehehe…

    • it seems most folk don’t think as she does

      It does seem that way, yes, but I’m inclined to suspect it may be down to a vocal minority.

      I’ve installed Win 8 on 5 machines to date, all for elderly women, none of whom are particularly computer savvy (if you get my drift). Not only have they all taken to their new OS like a duck to water, they all love it, without exception.

      Cheers… Jim