5 Crazy or Cool Items on Amazon

Sometimes when I get bored I’ll surf the web to look at some the ridiculous things that are for sale out there. Recently I signed up for Amazon Prime and was checking out their daily deals. A customer gave me a $50.00 gift card and I guess you could say it is burning a hole in my pocket. I stumbled across some crazy stuff that was too good not to share. Will it end up in my shopping cart? Hmmm not sure. I can think of a few people who may appreciate these as gifts.

Booze Tubes: 5 Tampon Flask Tubes

A set of 5 fake tampons with wrappers that you can hide whatever you want in. I mean really folks!? Guaranteed to look like the real thing as well.  It fits in your purse. Just imagine sneaking this into a concert. Do you think security would want to check these too carefully? Now fellas, they may question you having this in your pocket, so you might need to come up with a pretty good story.

Tampon flasks 5 pack
Tampon flasks 5 pack

Mobile Phone Signal Blocking Bag

A mobile Phone signal blocking bag. Manufacturers came up with this idea to create a bag for your cellphone, once your phone is in this bag, no one can reach you as it blocks the signal. Why would anyone want one of these? Ever hear of turning your phone off or turning down the volume? Or even putting it in another room so you will not be disturbed.

cell bag

Rubiks Cube Multi-Color 8L Compact Mini Fridge


Rubiks cube mini fridge. All 3 of my Adult children can complete a Rubiks cube in under 1 minute. I, on the other hand, have to cheat and peel the stickers off. When I went to College I had a boring, small brown refrigerator for my dorm room. This would have been quite the conversation piece. It has a warm and cool setting to keep food at either temperature. It only holds 9 cans of beverages though, so scratch it off the list if you wanted to put your case of beer in it.

Spy Gear – Spy Specs Video Glasses


Spy video glasses. I am not sure if these are a toy or not. Their description says ages 8 and up. They claim they can take up to 2000 photos or 15 minutes of video without anyone even knowing. Just beware… don’t go over to the dark side and use your powers for the forces of evil, not even for the forces of mild no-nos. Taking photos and videos of people without their knowledge is not very nice and if they find out it could lead to a world of hurt..

Mycestro, the Wearable Gesture Based Mouse

wearable mouse

Mycestro gesture mouse. I think I finally stumbled upon something our own Dave Hartsock does not own. Even though he just got a cool mouse, this would be something to add to his collection of gadgets. I can’t see myself ever using it.

What are some of the strangest things you have seen on Amazon.com for sale?


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  1. I want the spy glasses but if I tell what for then I would have to shoot you!!!!

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