22Tracks – Spice Up Your Life With A Variety Of Music


Everybody loves music

At least, I’ve never met anyone who says they don’t. I even know a guy who is tone-deaf and still loves music. Go figure…

As our lives develop we tend to get a sense of what types, or genres, of music we like. The problem with that is that we don’t expose ourselves to the vast variety of music the world has to offer.

Microsoft’s 22tracks

22tracks may be the answer you’re looking for. It makes available some music from a few major cities around the world, chosen by those who are in the know– namely the Disc Jockeys. If they don’t know what music people like then probably nobody does.

Here’s a brief video [1:11] demonstrating how it works:

Variety is the spice of life and 22tracks certainly offers that. I’ve been pleasantly surprised and have enjoyed listening to music that I otherwise would have never heard. So much music and so little time

I don’t care how much people deride Microsoft, when MS gets it right, they get it right.

Here is a link to 22tracks. To the best of my knowledge it works in all browsers and comes in at the wonderful price of zero.

Here is a link to the 22tracks Blog where you can read all about it.

Give 22tracks a try and let us know how it suits you,

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