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Over the years we all collect links to sites we consider might be useful or helpful, and I am certainly no exception. These are not sites we would necessarily visit regularly or often but, just as with physical ‘treasures’ we tend to hoard, we know they are sure to come in handy one day.

What follows is a selection of the sites I have come across and bookmarked for future reference – and which I hope you might also find helpful. Most of these sites involve a somewhat unique quality, all are free of course, and all are rated Green (safe) by leading site advisory services:

http://www.cdcovers.cc/coversDownload covers (front and back) for music CDs, movie DVDs, games, etc. Select your category, use the alphabetical index to locate your title, download the cover and print. Well over 300,000 titles, there has never been a cover I could not find on this site.

http://safemanuals.com/Lost that all important user manual? This site provides a huge collection of user manuals covering a wide variety of consumer products; domestic appliances, TV and audio, camera and video, even car and motorcycle. Search by category, brand and model number. Download in PDF format.

http://www.pacs-portal.co.uk/startup_search.phpThis is a great site to help with managing startup programs. Simply type in details of the process and it will identify the associated program and offer advice on whether to disable it or not.

http://www.zamzar.com/ A great site for online conversions, Zamzar will convert pretty much anything to anything. Documents, images, music, video, e-books – each section includes an amazing number of supported formats. Above all, Zamzar is 100% trusted and safe.

http://www.cpubenchmark.net/cpu_list.php Looking to buy a new computer? Confused by the wide range of available processors? This site provides a comprehensive listing of CPUs with corresponding passmarks and rankings. Click on any individual CPU to view in an overall comparison chart. Also includes similar information for yet another area of confusion, video cards.

https://wetransfer.com/Send large files (up to 2GB) the easy way: ‘Add’ your files, type in the recipient’s email address plus yours, then hit ‘Transfer’… too easy!

http://mp3cut.net/Want to cut and save just part of an audio file… maybe to use as a ringtone or as background music for a slideshow? Sure, we can download software which will do just that but this site offers a free service to perform exactly the same function and with nothing to install.

You are about to use an online mp3 cutter. How often do you want to cut a part of a mp3 that you really love and make it? Previously, you would have needed to look for complicated and rare sound format conversion and editing software. Well, now you can leave it all behind. With free services provided by the “Mp3 cut” website, the mp3 cutting process has become much more simple, fast, and convenient.

http://accountkiller.com/en/Did you ever set up an account on a site somewhere and then regret it? Did you find it frustratingly difficult trying to delete the account? This site provides detailed guides on how to remove accounts and public profiles from most popular websites… including Facebook, Twitter, Google and Skype.

http://www.openwith.org/ You have a file with a rather weird extension and nothing you try will open it for you. This site will help identify applications that can open the file and point you to free programs wherever possible.

Have a file you don’t know how to open? Think you need an expensive piece of software to open it? Chances are there is a great free program that’s just as good as the expensive one, and you’ll find it here. OpenWith.org provides detailed information about most file extensions and links to free programs that can open and create each type of file.

http://www.airpano.com/ – Can’t afford to travel the world and visit all those exotic places you’ve always dreamed of? Let AirPano take you on a ‘virtual’ tour. Choose from a selection of hundreds of the most exotic destinations around the globe, all displayed in magnificent hi-def scrolling panoramas… and it won’t cost you a cent.

http://www.allmyfaves.com/ – The mother of all sites. No matter what your interest there is something for you on All My faves. Direct links to hundreds of sites sorted into categories, all easily identifiable and readily accessible… games, shopping, news, dating, health, recipes, hot deals, humor, astrology, genealogy, movies, books, sports, travel… the list goes on and on. If there is one site everyone should have bookmarked, it’s All My Faves.

Do you have a favorite site which includes a somewhat unique quality? Let us know via the comments.

**Please do not post links to sites which are rated negatively by WOT or McAfee Site Adviser… we’ll have no choice but to delete them anyway.


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