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I am a Book Nerd. With a capital “B” and a capital “N.” I wholeheartedly embrace my nerdiness and am only slightly apologetic for knowing what is going on in TV Land. I only watch NCIS on TV because I think Mark Harmon is a real hottie. My husband and I call it date night when NCIS is on, and we watch it together as he watches me drool over my TV crush. Seeing as I do not watch much on the TV, I get my news from the Internet and can often be found with a book in hand. I love to read and am proud to say I have passed the love of reading on to two out of three of my kids, who are now passionate adult readers.


I started on my quest to be a book nerd at a young age. I loved to do book reports and my first job was as a student page at the local library. I shelved books, and emptied the book drop and assorted other tasks at the library. I was in Book Nerd Heaven.

So, you are probably wondering what is this thing called Goodreads, anyway? It is a FREE Social Network for those that love books. It started in December, 2007. In March, 2013 Amazon acquired it for $150 million. Think of it as a huge library that you can wander aimlessly through and check out everyone’s bookshelves. You can look at their reviews of books and keep track of books you have read, are currently reading, and plan to read in the future. You can get free books (through giveaways), as well as join groups and make connections with other book lovers like yourself.

2016-11-07_19-13-30I have used Goodreads since August, 2011. A librarian friend told me about the site, and I have told everyone I can about it. Think of it as a Forum for “Book Nerds.” I am in several groups where I have joined Book discussions and everyone selects a book to read, then talks about it. Authors utilize it to get in touch with their readers and vice versa. I met a local Author through Goodreads and we have gone to lunch a few times. I now help her by proofreading her books before they are released to give her my honest opinion.

One of my favorite things to do in Goodreads is to track what I have read. This website provides reader feedback, a ranking system (1-5 stars), information about specific authors, online book clubs, and what to read next based on what you have already read.

You can also set yearly reading goals for yourself if you are into that kind of thing. Think of it like a New Year’s Resolution (you know, those things we make but never keep). I will neither confirm nor deny that I am proudly 16 books ahead of schedule on my 2016 reading list goal.

I have a Book Nerd mission, though, and that is to convert more of you TV junkies into a small but growing circle of Book Nerds.

If you have not checked out Goodreads, I encourage you to do so.


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  1. I have been a member of Goodreads for approximately 6 years and use it to check out potential reads. The reviews are written by ordinary people like myself not a book critic. Lots of good information can be found.

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