WordPad Gone & Full AI-Integration Planned

Windows latest news – what’s in store.

Microsoft has confirmed that WordPad will be removed via a future Windows 11 update. WordPad, the free native word processor, has been a built-in feature since Windows 95 but a future update will remove WordPad from existing builds and it will no longer be included in new builds.

Windows 11 Deprecated Features

This is just a small part of Microsoft’s overall future plans for Windows with more deprecated features in the pipeline, including the People app, Steps Recorder, and a number of legacy components. When these legacy components are removed, some workarounds, such as editing the Windows Registry to re-enable the legacy taskbar, will no longer be effective. This could also mean the end of effectiveness for third-party customization tools, such as ExplorerPatcher, unless the developers make significant changes.

Windows With AI In Charge

Artificial Intelligence

In an earlier article – Prepare For AI Everything & Everything AI – I outlined how Artificial Intelligence is bound to play a major role in future Windows editions. This is, in fact, becoming more and more apparent with each passing week.

Dell’s AI-Based Predictions

In early December, Dell the major PC manufacturer, put forward a concept that, thanks to an enhanced AI-driven Copilot, would see a more fully automated Windows. Based on its communications with Microsoft, Dell predicts that Copilot’s integration into the core of Windows will potentially allow it to…

  • Detect when the system or an app is having issues and attempt to fix it automatically in the background
  • Change Settings depending on the user’s location and/or environment. For example, if Copilot detects that a public network is being used, it may turn on the battery saver and improve Wi-FI security

CPU Manufacturers Board The AI Train

AI Supported CPUs

Intel has already announced that its new Meteor Lake CPU series will “bring forth the advent of AI PCs” and, as such, this new range of Intel CPUs will come with an integrated NPU as standard. Qualcomm is also promising AI support with its upcoming CPU range and, while I haven’t heard anything definitive about AMD’s plans, it is also bound to follow suit.

Essentially, an NPU works with AI in much the same way as a GPU works with graphics. However, what hasn’t been properly explained is exactly under what circumstances an NPU comes into play. We all know that it’s possible to play basic games on a PC without a dedicated GPU but when it comes to more complex games with high-end graphics, a GPU is essential equipment. What we are not being told is under what circumstances an NPU will become a similar piece of essential equipment.

New Keyboards With A Copilot Key

Finally, rumor has it that Microsoft will be insisting that keyboard manufacturers include an additional “Copilot” key on all new PC keyboards. The company is planning a major update to Copilot to integrate AI features throughout Windows so, I guess, a dedicated “Copilot” key makes sense.


This is all evidence that the new leadership at Microsoft is convinced that the future of the desktop operating system lies in AI. So, prepare for AI everything and everything AI.

6 thoughts on “WordPad Gone & Full AI-Integration Planned”

  1. No earthly reason to remove WordPad. Just another typical useless Microsoft marketing decision and everyone will just have to download an alternative.

    1. Peter Thompson

      Yeah. Personally I don’t use it but I can see why people would.

      Why not add it to the store as an optional download with no future changes if required.

      I just hope notepad stays.

  2. Jim, It seems this is a solution looking for a problem to solve. Having worked in industry, companies won’t embrace this unless they see where it will have a definite improvement on productivity, accuracy, or both. They definitely do not want employees wasting time searching unrelated items.
    I have tried COPILOT several times on real world searches and have found it to be no better that Google.
    Where is the advantage?

    1. Hey Tom,

      I doubt we’ll see any real advantages until the enhanced version of Copilot is released, perhaps later this year. Bear in mind too that AI is an emerging technology, meaning it is currently a long way from its full potential.

  3. I’m aware of Wordpad but I’ve never used it as much as I use Notepad, so it won’t be missed. As far as I know, there are some limitations when compared to the full Micosoft Office 365 Word product, and I always have the complete Microsoft suite on any computer I use. Therefore no need for a lookalike app for me.

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