Windows Themes Are Back!


Windows Themes

Microsoft stopped supporting Themes a while back but they have now returned. Yes– even for Windows 8.1!

Microsoft used to provide themes that were “Feed Driven”. In other words, the images would change automatically and an internet connection was required. Bing wallpaper is a classic example. These are still not supported but you can once again download static themes from MS.

The above image is taken from the Beautiful Queensland Theme Pack.

What Are Themes?


The above image was taken from the Fauna Theme Pack.

Themes are yet another way to personalize your computing experience. They add beautiful wallpaper to liven up your desktop. In some cases they even change the system sounds and mouse pointers’ appearance.

  • Installing themes couldn’t be easier. Just download them and double-click on the file and Windows will do the rest.
  • Another option is to just let Windows install them directly from your browser. That choice will be offered when you click the Download Link.
  • Yet another way to approach this is to choose Personalization from the Charms Bar in Windows 8.1


No matter which approach you take, the results can be rewarding.

What if you don’t want your sounds and mouse cursor changed?

All Theme Pack files are archived in a standard ZIP format. This means you can extract them to the folder of your choice, then only use the provided images as your wallpaper. That’s what I do. In fact, I usually only use the ones I really like and discard the others; you don’t have to use all the images bundled in a Theme Pack. Mix it up to your liking.

Where to get the Microsoft Themes

Microsoft offers some truly beautiful images from which to choose and you will find a grand selection at this Microsoft  Themes Page. There are themes to compliment dual-monitor set-ups as well. These themes are all freely provided by Microsoft.

If you happen to have more than two monitors and would like wallpaper for them, then web sites abound that provide these and a quick search on the Internet will do.

I really like to have the desktop background change from time to time. It keeps things interesting. Computers may be for work but they can sure be a lot of fun, too.


3 thoughts on “Windows Themes Are Back!”

  1. Not to burst your bubble but desktop themes never went away – the modern version of the themes have been around since the start of Windows 7 and although the file format has changed with the release of Windows 8/8.1, users can download over 300 different themes from Microsoft’s site. There are some themes that are designed for Windows 8.x only (having a .deskthemepack extension) but the older .theme files work in Windows 7 and Windows 8.x.

    1. Hi GraveDigger27,

      No bubble has been bursted. (Is ‘bursted’ a word?)

      You are absolutely correct in everything you say.

      The only exception is the RSS feed backgrounds that were offered at one time. You will no longer find them supported by Microsoft. That is not to say that they are no longer found on the Internet.

      C’est la vie,

  2. Will the bubble burst, did the bubble burst, has the bubble burst, could it have burst. No, it didn’t burst.
    Aw, sheesh, it was already busted when I saw it.

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