Windows 11 Coming Soon?

When Microsoft released Windows 10 the company vowed and declared it would be the last Windows version ever. However, recent events and announcements have fueled a serious rumor that the next major Windows update, due in June 2021, will be a brand new version, Windows 11.

Microsoft recently announced a new Windows event for June 24th, with a promise to show “what’s next for Windows.” The event announcement includes an image of what appears to be a new Windows logo, with light shining through a window creating an outline that very much resembles the number 11.

Windows 11 Logo

The event announcement comes on the heels of CEO Satya Nadella’s recent statement:

Soon we will share one of the most significant updates to Windows of the past decade to unlock greater economic opportunity for developers and creators. I’ve been self-hosting it over the past several months, and I’m incredibly excited about the next generation of Windows.

And, in what appears to be the biggest hint of all, Microsoft has officially announced an end of support date for Windows 10 Home and Pro as of October 14 2025 at which time it will be retired:

Some of the changes coming in Windows 11, codenamed the “Sun Valley” update and hitherto known as Windows 10 version 21H2, include an overhauled Start menu with Live Tiles de-emphasized, a new look File Explorer, modernizing the built-in Apps, updates to sliders, buttons, and controls found throughout Windows. And the new user interface (UI) will feature rounded corners with a more fluent design. A lot of these visual changes are the result of the work Microsoft completed on Windows 10X, a lightweight version of Windows that was intended to rival Chrome OS before it was scrapped.

Microsoft Store Logo

Perhaps the most interesting rumored change involves a revamped Microsoft Store to allow developers to submit any Windows application, including browsers such as Chrome and Firefox, as well as allowing third-party commerce platforms in Apps. Microsoft Store hasn’t exactly been a resounding success and these changes would significantly improve its appeal.

Moving to a Windows 11 would also potentially reinvigorate interest in the operating system; it’s no secret that new Windows versions have proved to be successful at arousing interest in the past. If Microsoft backs that up with a new UI and a fresh look and feel for Windows, it will represent a return to the traditional Windows releases we have long been familiar with.

Microsoft has long struggled with its naming conventions for new Windows 10 versions which have only served to confuse, and a move to Windows 11, while potentially naming subsequent updates Windows 11.1, 11.2, 11.3, etc., would certainly help both consumers and IT admin quickly understand and identify which version is the latest.

Of course, this is all conjecture at the moment, albeit fueled by a number of serious hints. A move to Windows 11 would represent a surprising turnaround for Microsoft with the company previously referring to Windows 10 as “the last version of Windows” in its big push to promote “Windows as a service”.

9 thoughts on “Windows 11 Coming Soon?”

  1. Thanks for keeping us informed, Jim. Suppose the smart approach is to wait a few months before reaching out for that new toy (like Christmas), Mindblower! 🙂

    1. You are most welcome MB. This has pretty much come out of the blue and, considering Microsoft’s previous assertions that Windows 10 would be the last Windows version, it is a surprising decision.

  2. What I am most interested in Jim is how soon Microsoft are going to be monetising Windows again. Most of us are still enjoying the free upgrade from Windows 7. I can’t imagine Microsoft are going to tolerate the freebie that must have put a big hole in their bottom line for much longer ?

    So as a glass half full person and a firm believer that there is no such thing as a free lunch, just how are we going to be made to pay ? An annual Windows 11 subscription along the lines of Office 365 ?

    Cheers Reg

    1. Hey Reg,

      After the battle to reach 1 billion Windows 10 users, I can’t see MS charging anything to upgrade to a Windows 11. Besides, MS makes huge money out of a new Windows release without needing to charge consumers. Every manufacturer must pay a substantial fee for licensing rights.

      Plus, MS is saving a massive amount of expense in support infrastructure by having all Windows users on the same version.

      Cheers… Jim

  3. Thanks Jim,
    It is similar to my grand-father’s axe which was 90 years old, in it’s life at different times, it had 5 replacement handles and 3 replacement heads.Regards,
    Jonno 🙂

  4. Peter Thompson

    There’s also a video they released on YouTube with all the startup sounds slowed down which is exactly 11 minutes long. It looks like Windows 11 is definitely happening unless this is the biggest trolling form a tech company.

    I agree that that there is confusion with updates. Most general users probably don’t know which version of Windows 10 they are on and marketing wise 11 sounds better than 10.

    I just would personally like to see some big changes because so far it sounds like it was going to be 21H2 but renamed. If it’s a full version up make it big. One thing I’ve been hoping for and they did trial it temporarily with sets, is the ability to use tabs in things like explorer.

  5. I have this new version and it is definitely an improvement. I still wish I had 7, but…..maybe this one will be ok. My X Pro was slower than my Atari 120XE, so a MS agent upgraded me. Now I can use Zoom and also open a browser.

  6. Lillian Johnson

    Thank you for these postings. I admit that I am a computer dinosaur and still do not take advantage of all the possibilities that computing offers. I was an avid reader of James Coates “Binary beat” column in the Tribune. Truly learned a lot from him such as how to manage my start menu (2006) to speed up my PC. I hope to do the same with you.
    I still think Microsoft 7 was the the best.
    Thanks again. Blessings.

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