Windows 10 Quick Tips – Computer Won’t Start

Windows 10 Complexity

Considering Windows 7 and XP are made up of an estimated 40 million lines of code, and Vista having 50 million, it isn’t a huge leap to expect that Windows 10 approaches maybe 60 million? To put this in perspective, the amazing United States Space Shuttle carried cargo and people running on roughly 400 thousand lines of code. One million lines of code is approximately 18,000 pages of printed text.

It boggles the mind to comprehend how Microsoft is able to manage this incredibly complex system. More so, it is a wonder to me that it works at all!

Given these tidbits of information, it should come as no surprise that Windows 10 has its occasional problems.


This is Quick Tips, after all, so we’ll only be touching upon a couple of simple fixes for a couple of simple, easy-to-troubleshoot problems.

Computer Won’t Start

If you turn on your system and nothing happens, then check the following:

  • Is it plugged in? Check all the power connections
  • Check the Power Supply switch on the back of the computer. Make sure it is flipped to the “1” position
  • Remove any discs from the CD/DVD drive
  • On a laptop, make sure the battery is plugged in correctly and the AC power supply is connected securely
  • Make sure your monitor(s) are turned on and connected properly and cables are firmly seated– power cables, too

The above check list may seem painfully obvious but, from personal experience, I can tell you these types of things happen. I once got a call from a frantic customer. After traveling 20 miles to her office, I plugged in her office computer. Job finished. And, yes, she did get billed at the going rate.

Keyboard And/Or Mouse Don’t Work

If your Keyboard and/or your Mouse use USB connections, then try unplugging, then re-plugging them. Make sure the plugs are seated firmly. Windows will typically make a sound when it detects a USB device being connected/disconnected.

If that doesn’t work, try a different port or an altogether different USB cable. It is unusual, but USB ports can break (both electronically and physically). So, too, can the cables go bad.

Note: USB ports are considered to be so-called ‘Hot-plugs’. This means you can safely plug/unplug them while the power is on.

ps2-connection-portsWarning: If you are using devices that connect via the round PS/2 ports, it is vital that you do not connect/disconnect them while the power is on. You risk ‘frying’ motherboard components by doing so.

Green is usually for the Mouse while Purple is for the Keyboard. The cables ends are typically color-coded in a like manner although I have seen the odd exception.

Deeper Troubles

If you are experiencing more complex problems, such as Disk Error Messages or Blue Screens of Death, those subjects will have to be deferred to more in-depth articles.

Do you have any Quick Tips for Windows 10 users? Are there any Quick Tips articles you would like to see covered here? Let us know,



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