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steam-logoWindows 10 Inches Forward on Steam

Judging by the numerous charts, graphs and articles on the internet, Windows 10’s market share is creeping upwards. In some areas it has taken a superior stance when compared to Windows 7 and the very persistent Windows XP operating systems. Oddly, until recently, XP has had a super-glue effect on some die-hard users who simply can’t seem to let go. Some of those folks have managed to break away from its talon-like grip and are moving towards Windows 7 now. And the lightning bolt strikes!

This is going to be short and sweet. It is aimed at the (probably single) Number Geeks out there who can stare at charts, graphs, lines and pies all day long without getting the least bit bored. I must confess to being one of those people. “Sorry, my Delightful Dumpling.”

Gamers Like Windows 10

OK, OK, less talk and more ‘pitchers’.

Windows 10 Users on Steam


The right-most column reflects the change over the past month.

Overview of Steam Hardware/Software Statistics


A Few Graphs to Delight Your Geeky Eyeballs


All right, quit salivating on your keyboard.

North American Market Share




Links and Credits

Big meany that I am, this has probably only served to whet your appetite. You want more? OK, then…

StatCounter gets credit for the North American and World-wide information.

If you’d like to see more graphs, lines, bars and pies (and I know you do), then you can play at this Steam Link to your heart’s content.

“What’s that, my Rumpled Duck? Oh yeah… almost finished.”


5 thoughts on “Windows 10 Market Share On Steam”

  1. I’m happy with Windows 8.1 that does all I need to do. I downloaded Classic Shell so I don’t need to deal with that stupid “cartoon interface”.

    1. Richard Pedersen

      Hi Robert,

      Windows 8.1 is a great operating system. There I’ve said it. I even like it better than Windows 10. There, I’ve said that, too.

  2. Of course 10 is gaining ground. When they hound you several times a day, try to fool you into installing it when you think you said no, or just install it whatever you say, that’s going to increase the installed systems.

    1. Richard Pedersen

      Hi David,

      I agree that Microsoft has been shameless, especially lately, in pushing Windows 10 on what it deems to be lagging users.

      But that doesn’t account for the fast increase in Windows 10 usage by gamers on Steam. If you do a quick comparison between what gamers use and what the “rest of the world” is using, you’ll see right away that the graphs don’t match up.

      Gamers are ahead of the game (sorry, couldn’t resist).

  3. Considering the tactics that MS is using, this is not surprising. If anything, the W10 share might be viewed as disappointing in light of said tactics.

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