Tomb Raider Announcement At Gamescom?

Rumours are rife of an announcement at Gamescom (23-27 August) and all because the official Tomb Raider website updated its landing page, inviting fans to sign up for breaking news.


Well, we all know what rumours are, don’t we? To be honest, I always thought it was a long shot to deduce an announcement of the new game simply because the website had been updated, so I’m not disappointed by the lack of a reveal from Crystal Dynamics at Gamescom, which has now ended.

What Do We Know About The Next Tomb Raider Game?

Not very much at all, except that it is being developed using the Unreal 5 (UE5) game engine and that Amazon Games will be publishing it. If you’re wondering what Unreal Engine 5 looks like, here’s a sample:

Judging from this video and many others of UE5, one can only presume that the next game in the series will look absolutely spectacular! But the game won’t be dropping this year, probably mid to late 2024, if we’re honest. Rumours abound of a 2023 release where it will be set and what it will be called. Some have even suggested that the game will simply be called Tomb Raider, which I think is highly unlikely since we already have the original 1996 version and the 2013 reboot of that same name.

Lara Croft To Appear In COD: Modern Warfare II

It’s hard to know what to make of this development and the bundle is described thus:

Lara Croft arrives as a Store Bundle Operator in Season 05 Reloaded! Experience the legendary adventurer, famous archaeologist, and ultimate expert in the fields of archery, dual pistols, and other small-arms combat.

Some are clutching at straws and divining Lara’s imminent reappearance on the scene and it kind of reminds me of the Half-Life 3 mystery, or mirage as some would see it. But in the end, it looks like the old mantra of, it will be ready when it’s finished, is what we’ll have to settle for. Besides, I have so many games that either I haven’t installed yet, have left unfinished, or haven’t even cracked open because of time constraints, that I’ve got plenty to occupy myself until Lara finally graces us with a return.

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