These Ants are Crazy for Electronics

crazy antIn the southeastern United States, the fire ant is being displaced by Nylanderia fulva, more commonly known as the ‘crazy ant’ or ‘Rasberry crazy ant’, so named for Tom Rasberry, the US exterminator who identified it.

While they are not particularly choosy, one of their favorite habitats is electronics.  Only 1/8-inch (3.2 mm) in length, crazy ants will weasel their way into your electronic device.  They will feast on the electronics until, oops!,  they get electrocuted.  Once dead, the crazy ant gives off a chemical that other crazy ants are attracted to.  Pretty soon, you have a whole village of crazy ants living off the guts of your device.  They are also partial to electrical outlets and power cords.

They were first reported in the US in Houston, Texas in 2002.  They have since spread their domain to the US Gulf Coast, with twenty counties in Florida reporting active infestations.

Your run of the mill pesticides found in your local store are not effective in eliminating infestations.  If you see crazy ants, it’s time to call the exterminator.

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