The Ultimate Guide to Using DVDShrink (video)

Many moons ago we published an article on how to use DVDShrink the right way. Through the following years that article has been viewed numerous times so I thought it might be a good idea to recreate the guide in video format. The video under is a pretty basic guide which doesn’t go into a lot of detail so, if you are a first timer with DVDShrink or looking for a more expansive explanation, I suggest you start off by reading through the  original article here: How to use DVDShrink… The right way!

DVDShrink is a brilliant piece of software. Abandoned many years ago by its developer, DVDShrink has still managed to work flawlessly through several iterations of the Windows operating system. DVShrink’s primary aim is to compress video and associated files so movie backups will fit onto a single layer DVD. The following video shows you how to do just that:


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  1. Jim, with all the new layers of protection, has anyone recently tried to see if DVDShrink could even open a new disk, DVD or Bluray format, Mindblower!

    • Yes MB, decryption is an important part of backing up commercially produced DVDs. DVDShrink was always meant to be used in conjunction with decryption software, it doesn’t seem to have any problem with older DVDs but I suspect it may struggle with some of the newer ones.

      Cheers… Jim