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I came across this puzzle on X (formally known as Twitter). It seems to be one of those things that get posted and re-posted on both Facebook and Twitter. I like this one because I think I know the answers. I say “think” because I don’t have an answer key to compare notes. So I’m going to post it here for you to decipher. They seem pretty simple. Go through each one and guess what the word or phrase is.

I’ll do the first one for you. You see the words “Get it” there four times. “Forget it”.

Try the rest and put your answers in the comments. No prizes, just bragging rights. I will print my answers in a future article.

2 thoughts on “The Puzzle…”

  1. 2. Jack in a box
    3. Somewhere over the rainbow
    4. Back door
    5. Read between the lines
    6. Blood is thicker than water
    7. Belong
    8. Cancelled check
    9. Once upon a time
    10. Green eggs and ham
    11. Try to understand
    12. Downtown

    1. Terry Hollett

      As I said I don’t have an official answer key. I suggested basically the same answers except; 2. I said “Black Jack” and 7. I said “Bees”. Number 2 is up for debate but I like your number 7 answer better. 🙂

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