TeamViewer 7 remote access – better and better!

There are quite a few free applications available now which provide a means for connecting between computers remotely. Very handy if you are the local community’s ‘go to guy or gal’ for computer problems – or for helping family and friends who do not live near by. TeamViewer, which is one of the very best and easiest to use, has just released its latest version (7) with enhancements and added features which make it even more betterer!

TeamViewer is cross platform, which means it supports a variety of operating systems including Windows, Linux and Mac. It can be either fully installed or Run as a portable application – a huge plus! TeamViewer is also ideal for group meetings, sales presentations, audio/video conferencing, etc. Transferring files between computers is simple and fast, and you can take screenshots of a connected computer or record video of your actions – all this is free for personal use.

TeamViewer utilizes high level data encryption and session encoding to provide users with the safest most secure connection. However, I would suggest one change to the settings before actually using the software. By default, TeamViewer sets basic 4 digit passwords for spontaneous access – go to Extras>Options>Security and use the drop down menu to select a stronger password method:

TeamViewer must, of course, be running on all computers in order to connect. However, there is a smaller, simple version available which has been optimized for instant support. Download and run TeamViewer Full version on the local machine and ask your friend or family member to download and run TeamViewer QuickSupport on their PC. All you need do then is input your partner’s TeamViewer ID and password – and away you go.


Local Computer
Client Computer

New features in Version 7 include:

Integrated Screenshot Feature – Create a screenshot at any moment during a remote control session. Thus, snapshots of the remote screen are acquired at lightning speed.

Save Connection Settings per Computer – You can now store individual connection settings for each computer in your computers & contacts list. Thereby, saving you valuable time for all further connections to the same computers.

Instant Meeting – With just one click, you can start your meeting even before adding any participants – ideal for preparation and testing. Invite your colleagues, business partners or clients on the fly.

Up To 25 Participants – Invite up to 25 participants to your meeting. From marketing presentations with potential new clients in a personal 1:1 scale, to large international meetings, anything is possible

Communication Tools – Now all participants can see and hear each other. During a meeting, they are connected via Voice over IP and Webcam. Additional tools, such as chat, whiteboard or telephone conferences, support the acoustic and visual exchange of ideas. Choose from a variety of communication tools for lively meetings and presentations.

File Box – Would you like to make files available for download during a meeting? Simply copy the desired documents into the shared file box via Drag & Drop and easily and quickly exchange them at will.

Record Presentations – Record your screen presentations and convert your video into the AVI format. This way, you can edit your videos at will.

Full details of all enhancements and new features can be viewed HERE

NOTE: Not all features are currently available for Mac and Linux users – refer to the notice “Dear Mac and Linux users” HERE (scroll down to the bottom of the page).

  • TeamViewer HOME PAGE
  • Download from FreewareBB HERE

2 thoughts on “TeamViewer 7 remote access – better and better!”

  1. Highly recommended! I use this often to monitor and fix remote computers. The ability to run the program without installation is a huge plus, especially when the user on the other end is reasonably knowledgeable. In other cases you can install the program (using a secure password) and allow it to run in the background allowing you remote access at all times. Good stuff!

  2. I’ve been using Teamviewer for years, very nice software indeed! I’ve helped out the relatives on numerous occasions seeing I’m the tech wiz of the family. At work we have a similar utility, ScreenConnect, which works well too!

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