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  • Windows 10 Preview – A First Look

    Windows Technical Preview. Build 9841. 64 bit. Is it right to review a preview? I mean, it’s just a glimpse of what might be, right? A beta and as Microsoft is at pains to point out, it may not necessarily represent the finished product and shouldn’t be taken as gospel, or words to that effect. […]

  • Windows 9 New Features in Action (videos)

    We’ve been hearing about Windows 9’s proposed new features via leaks and rumors for a little while now but haven’t really been privy to anything definitive. With only about 2 weeks remaining until the purported initial preview release, German site WinFuture has posted a number of screenshots and videos apparently created from a leaked Technical […]

  • Windows 9: Introducing Virtual Desktops & No More Charms Bar

    The latest rumors surrounding the next major Windows version, Windows 9 (also referred to as “Threshold”), are suggesting that Microsoft is set to introduce virtual desktops and kill off the much maligned Charms Bar. According to a variety of sources, current internal alpha builds of Windows Threshold do not include the Charms bar. It isn’t […]