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  • Top 12 Spamming Countries in the World

    Every so often, Security company SophosLabs publishes a list of of the top 12 spamming countries in the world, something it lightheartedly calls the “Dirty Dozen Spampionship”. These latest statistics have been taken from the second quarter of 2014, covering April, May, and June. Here is the top 12 list by sheer quantity, or volume: […]

  • Top 12 Spamming Countries in the World

    Well known security company Sophos has compiled a list of the top worst countries for spamming. As Sophos blogger Paul Ducklin points out, this is one competition nobody really wants to win. Paul has published a nice article on the Sophos Naked Security blog cleverly incorporating an analogy with English football’s Premier League. For the […]

  • Anti-Spam: Disposable Email Addresses from Spamgourmet

    The dreaded spam emails, scourge of the internet and something which every user strives to avoid. Seems whenever we give out our email address these days we are leaving ourselves open to a deluge of emails. Whether we’re signing up for an online service, purchasing software, downloading freeware, registering a product, creating a new account… […]

  • How to Avoid Email Spam, Scams, and Viri

    In this article I would like to show/explain some examples of specific emails you may receive and how to detect the dangerous ones. Remember that once your email address lands on an email list it will be in the "wild" forever. Bad guys sell email lists to other badies who add it to their own […]