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    How To Search Properly

    For many of us, much of our computer time is spent searching for things on the Internet. I have noticed others having difficulty getting the results they want. I can’t tell you how many calls or texts I get with a need. I open a browser and type in a few words and get the […]

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    How To Search For Special Characters In Word

    Word allows you to search not only for text, but also for special characters that do not print. If you are working with documents that use tabular material, you will find yourself searching for tab characters quite often. Searching For Special Characters Follow the steps below to learn how: Click Ctrl+F to display the Navigation […]

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    Windows 10 Quick Tips – Search Reset

    Search Index Windows has come bundled with a built-in search function for several versions now. Windows 10 is no different with the exception of using a different database format and algorithm which only power-users would ever notice. Some Windows users have complained that, over time, their searches either turn up nothing or are very slow. […]

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    Windows 10 Quick Tips – Indexing Options

    What Is Indexing? Indexing is basically a process whereby a database is created. This database holds many pointers to files on your computer, and the contents within them. By doing so any searches you perform are, in theory, much faster. It helps Windows find things faster because it doesn’t have to search each and every […]

  • Microsoft Outlook

    Search Tips for Outlook

    I have had many clients in the past who railed about Outlook searches being too slow, but that was before version 2007. With the 2007 iteration of Outlook there were dramatic changes regarding the search capability. This was the dawn of Instant Search in Outlook. In Outlook 2007, 2010, and 2013 the search capability is […]

  • Microsoft Word

    How to Restore CTRL+F in Word 2010

    When you click that key combination in Word 2010 it no longer opens up the Find and Replace dialog box. Instead a pane will appear on the left-hand side of your screen that will allow you to search. Personally, I feel as if I have been cheated. Nice new software and the fine folks at […]

  • The Art and Craft of Windows Search – (2) Sophisticated Searching

    (Article originally submitted under the title: “On the Synthesis of Search Terms in the Application of the Windows Search Algorithm to the Location of Desired Objects, with Particular Reference to the Precepts of Symbolic Logic Established by Professor Boole”.) In the first part of this two-part series, we did the groundwork for an efficient search […]

  • 6 Google Search Tips You Should Know

    We all know how versatile Google search is but here are a number of additional tips that you may or may not be aware of. Math in a Search Box Did you know that answers to mathematical calculations are instantly available right there from within Google search? Simply type your calculation into the Google search […]

  • Judy’s Tech News Digest

    Michaels Confirms Malware Attack This week, Michaels confirmed that payment card information, including payment card number and expiration date, was obtained through a malware attack.  There is no evidence that other information, such as name, address or PIN, was obtained. At Michaels stores, the attack occurred at various stores between May 8th of last year through […]