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  • Amazon Prime One Day Sale – Be Quick!

    Price Break on Amazon Prime The Amazon hits just keep on coming. As a fan and member of Amazon Prime, which mainly offers you free shipping for many products in their online store, but which is also getting beefier thanks to Amazon’s keen desire to win you over, let it be known that there is […]

  • Windows 8: reports of sluggish sales

    Stories of Windows 8’s poor showing in these early weeks following official release are inevitably doing the rounds. One such story which has been propagated across the net claims a Microsoft “insider” has divulged that sales to date have been “disappointing” and “well below projections”. I don’t put much store in any such anonymous third […]

  • WinPatrol *PLUS* for just 99cents – time limited offer!

    The terrific WinPatrol Plus will be available for 2 days at the special price of just 99cents…  commencing12.00am (EST) Thursday 25th October through the following 48 hours. How do we know this? Because developer and all round ‘good bloke’ Bill Pytlovany sent us advanced notice just so DCT readers wouldn’t miss out on this fantastic […]