Amazon Prime One Day Sale – Be Quick!

Price Break on Amazon Prime

The Amazon hits just keep on coming. As a fan and member of Amazon Prime, which mainly offers you free shipping for many products in their online store, but which is also getting beefier thanks to Amazon’s keen desire to win you over, let it be known that there is a ONE DAY MEMBERSHIP SALE.


So if you’re on the fence about Prime, but would like to take a dip in the water, check this out: They’re cutting the price of their $99 annual Prime membership program to $67 on Friday (25th September) for one day only.

That’s a significant savings I wish I could take advantage of, but it’s only for new members. Chances are that price will go up the following year, but the idea here is to try Prime and see if you like it. Some folks are plain happy with Netflix and others don’t care if the stuff they buy online arrives in a week to ten days, but if you’re already an Amazon user, Prime might be worth a gander.

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