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  • Would You Have Sex With a Robot?

    Rise of the robots The thing about robots is that they don’t usually argue that much, get headaches at inopportune moments, or tell you to put the cat out after dinner, but there’s always the risk that their batteries will go flat just at that crucial moment, which would be kind of a bummer. We’ve […]

  • Robots Serving Customers – A new beginning or the last straw? (video)

    As if technology hasn’t taken over enough of our lives already, it now appears that the future of retail shopping is heading toward robotic shop assistants:   http://youtu.be/Sp9176vm7Co The robots have been developed per medium of a partnership between Lowe’s and Fellow Robots, a Silicon Valley tech company. Now I don’t know about in the […]

  • Meet JIBO, the World’s First Family Robot (video)

    Billed as the “World’s First Family Robot”, JIBO has the ability to see, hear, learn, help, speak, and relate. Not convinced? – check out the video:   http://youtu.be/3N1Q8oFpX1Y JIBO is the brainchild of social robotics pioneer Dr. Cynthia Breazeal and the startup has raised in excess of $1.2 million to date. Interested? $499 will get […]