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  • Learning Computers: Enjoying Your Computer

    The Beginning: Opening introduction to the series Browsers: What are they? How to make them a safer door to Web. Search Engines: The Good, Bad and Ugly. Understanding search results. Malware and Virus: What is Malware? – What is a Virus? What is the difference in their types? How to avoid them. How to know if you […]

  • Learning Computers: The Beginning

    This is an intro to a series of articles that hopefully you will find both entertaining and educational.  In them, I will tell you about my experiences with computers, the different types of programs that interface with the internet, how hackers and thieves try to trap users and how to avoid them, along with a […]

  • Login Learner – New freeware with a mission

    In these days, where advertising and profits seem to largely rule even the freeware world, it’s refreshing to encounter an example of selfless commitment where the only motivation is to provide a useful and worthwhile contribution. Such is the nature of a new freeware called Login Leaner. The Login Learner project was born per medium […]