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    How To Hyperlink A Document In Outlook

    Creating a hyperlink to a document in a shared location (i.e., network drive, Sharepoint library) can be a very effective way to email a document to one of your colleagues. A hyperlink, unlike an attachment, will not create a copy of the file, take up excessive real estate in your mailbox, or cause anyone to […]

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    How To Edit Hyperlink In MS Office

    Hyperlinks in MS Office Once a hyperlink is placed in your document, it is not out of the ordinary to periodically change that link somewhere down the road. Fortunately, Microsoft has made this task very easy for us. Follow the steps below to learn how: Place your cursor in the hyperlink, display the Insert tab […]

  • excel

    Easily Remove Hyperlinks in Excel

    What could be easier than using Paste Special to remove your hyperlinks? Here’s how: In a blank cell in your worksheet, key in the number 1. Select the cell and click CTRL + C to copy the cell contents to your Clipboard. Depress your CTRL key as you click each hyperlink you would like to […]

  • Microsoft Word

    How to Embed Hyperlinks in Word 2010

    You may already know how easy it is to copy and paste an URL (Uniform Resource Locator) into Word documents. The link appears in blue (the default) and can be activated using the key combination shortcut Ctrl + Enter. But did you know that you can embed hyperlinks in your Word document? Embedding the link […]