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  • Edge Browser Usage Edging Closer To Firefox

    It’s been a while since we looked at the market share statistics for desktop browsers and operating systems. As always, I am quoting the statistics from the *trusted NetMarketShare, and they make for some interesting reading. *NetMarketShare counts unique visits only whereas StatCounter counts all visits, including multiple visits by the same user on the […]

  • Edge & Defender – Ready for Prime Time?

    Do we still need third party browsers and free third-party antivirus software or are Edge and Windows Defender now good enough? It seems the consensus among a growing number of good judges is that Windows Defender and Edge Browser have improved so much over the past few years that third-party browsers and free antivirus software […]

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    How Safe Is Your Browser?

    Your Browser’s Ability To Protect You Against Phishing, Socially Engineered Malware (SEM) We have talked about Browser and Web security several times on this site, but it is important to remember that the bad guys do not sit still. They are very aggressive in their attempts to invade your privacy and security. In a recent […]

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    The Browser Race

    The Browser Race Last month marked the third-year anniversary for Edge, the highly touted browser that was introduced with the release of Windows 10 to the public. Like a yearling, it didn’t exactly hit the ground running. As a two-year-old, it did more stumbling than running, but started gaining ground, so why, as a three-year-old, […]

  • Install & Manage Extensions in Edge

    Yes folks, with the advent of the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, Microsoft has finally fulfilled its earlier promise to provide an extensions platform for the new default Edge browser. So, if you’ve installed the Anniversary Update, you can now install extensions for Edge. If you’re unsure of your Windows 10 version, open the Start Menu […]

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    How To Use Edge Browser Extensions

    Extensions For Edge Browser The title might be a bit misleading because until the new version of MS Edge is released there are no extensions but get ready, they are on their way. While you might not have the ability yet, it is still great news that Microsoft has finally introduced the ability to add […]

  • How Microsoft Botched Windows 10

    Windows 10 Store Search Broken The latest news on broken functionality in Windows 10 has recently come to light after a significant number of app developers protested that their apps cannot be readily located in the Windows 10 Store. Apparently, unless the user inputs the identical name of the app they are looking for into […]

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    Fix News Feed Not Displaying in Edge

    I stumbled upon this issue quite by accident. My old mate brings round his desktop tower because none of his three browsers will open – Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Edge. I set the tower up on my workbench, connect to monitor and peripherals, and when the Windows 10 log-on screen appears I ask him to […]