Start Killer – Gets Rid of the Start Button & Start Menu

Start_ButtonIf ever we needed proof that we, computer users, are a fickle lot, we need look no further than the rather strange freeware called “Start Killer”.

Ever since the initial Windows 8 release, forums and tech sites have been inundated with complaints about the missing Start button and Start Menu. In fact, if you had to pick the most common criticism of Windows 8 from consumers, it would undoubtedly have to be these missing Start components.

Imagine my surprise then when I came across this freeware called Start Killer which is specifically designed to… wait for it… get rid of the Start button, including an option to also get rid of the Start Menu. Here is the official description from the developer:

start killer - offical description

Remarkably, and certainly ironically, almost 20,000 users have downloaded Start Killer from CNET to date… and that’s just one download source, how many more might have acquired the software from other download sites or direct from the developer is anyone’s guess.

start killer - cnet listing

Note also the high ratings from both Editor and users. According to user reviews published on CNET, they are unanimously grateful to be rid of the Start components:

  • The “Start Menu” has annoyed since two days after Windows 95 was released. “Start Killer” is just what I was looking for.
  • I was pleasantly surprised when I found this program. I am an avid minimalist when it comes to my desktop and this utility has definitely found a place in my heart.
  • Gives you an extra space in the taskbar. This is undoubtedly one of the more useful of the cosmetic tweaks.

The CNET Editors’ review also includes the following quotes:

  • Getting rid of this not-particularly-necessary button can actually free up a lot of space on your Taskbar.
  • Start Killer is based on the premise that most people don’t actually need the Start button on their desktop.

“Not particularly necessary”? “Don’t actually need the Start button”? Makes you wonder if Microsoft read these reviews prior to designing Windows 8.

In what could perhaps be described as the ultimate irony; on the one hand we have thousands of users railing about the missing Start button and Menu, on the other hand we have thousands of users who want to rid themselves of the very same components.

You can please some of the people all of the time, you can please all of the people some of the time, but you canÔÇÖt please all of the people all of the time” ~ John Lydgate


5 thoughts on “Start Killer – Gets Rid of the Start Button & Start Menu”

  1. Amazing!!!
    I guess the food chain is in need of change.
    This article is really quite funny, in a strange sort of way.

    1. Glad you found the article funny, that was the whole idea.

      On the one hand we have thousands of users railing about the missing Start button and Menu, on the other hand we have thousands of users who want to rid themselves of the very same components. The situation is inherently humorous, or at least ironic in the extreme.

  2. I just got Windows 8.1. Put shortcuts to all the programs I need, including a big red off button, on the desktop – everything in front of me, no pesky searching through Start menu. So glad to see the back of it – can’t understand what the fuss is about, if you bother to customise your desktop. So can’t see need for this software is ironic at all (if you actually need something to get rid of the button). I’m not defending Windows 8.1 though, which looks like it’s designed by a 15-year-old intent on wasting as much time as possible of people that actually want to get on with some work – main pain is completely useless Metro desktop and apps popping up all the time and wasting time and effirt, rather than the lack of a Start button. I really hope they don’t make Start button obligatory in Windows 9. Maybe the Start-lovers have just shouted loudest?

  3. Keep the start button! Maybe “start killer” would like his steering wheel in the golve box, too. Put the gear shift behind his head, too.

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