Ringtones for Space Geeks

apollo 11 launchNASA has a webpage that lists free ringtones for many of the memorable moments in U.S. space history including snippets from President John F. Kennedy speech announcing the race to the Moon, Neil Armstrong’s first steps on the Moon, Sally Ride’s take on spaceflight and Apollo 13’s “Houston, we’ve had a problem” proclamation. Also included are some more routine moments as well as the Sputnik beep. Even if you aren’t interested in ringtones, you can play the MP3 files in your browser and relive some space history.

As a self-proclaimed Space Geek, I think these are pretty cool, especially since I am old enough to have seen or heard most of these moments first hand.

To check out the ringtones, visit NASA’s webpage.  NASA provides instructions at the bottom of the page for loading ringtones on to your phone.

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