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Lady Dimitrescu

This much-anticipated horror survival game was only released last Friday (7th May) and already the community has given it the modding treatment. This is not entirely unexpected since the game’s two predecessors, Resident Evil 2 & 3 now have more mods than you could shake a stick at. And in case you don’t know, modding a game is an alteration by players or fans of one or more aspects of a video game, such as how it looks or behaves. These mods range from costumes, facial appearance, weapons, and, erm… total nude modifications, amongst the many ways Resident Evil can be played whilst modded. The picture above is the game’s main villain, Lady Dimitrescu, at first an alluring figure, but she isn’t all that she seems and is best avoided. When playing the demo, it became immediately apparent that she would be ripe for modding, so lo and behold, a few days later she has indeed been transformed in many different ways.


Here, Lady D is transformed into Mr X from Resident Evil 2, where she’s pictured with two of her blood-sucking daughters, who in turn have received the modders’ attention in other ways (not pictured) which are a lot more revealing. Talking of which, as you may have deduced, Lady D’s Amazonian proportions — she’s 9’6″ — have resulted in numerous NSFW mods which can easily be found with a quick search, and believe me, they are most definitely X-rated. On the other hand, she gives a fine performance of Thomas The Tank Engine.


Lady D’s three daughters are always surrounded by swarms of flies, so clearly a handgun isn’t much use– enter the flyswatter which isn’t much cop either, but it’s fun to play with, not to mention attempting to swat Lady D’s butt when she’s not looking.


When all else fails, grab a banana to ward off those evil menaces and this peels away as you reload it. Yes, really.


Spoons are useful in the kitchen or at the dining table but not a lot of use in a fight to the death. They do however become useful when you need to dig yourself a hole in the face of enormous odds, although it would have to be a very deep escape tunnel.

Rule 34

You may not know this but Rule 34 means that any conceivable topic will exist as Internet p*rn and the Resident Evil series still has a long way to go in modding terms. There are literally thousands of mods available, mainly through NexusMods, but they’re not all NSFW and there is an adult filter if you’re worried about minors accessing the site.

A game I haven’t yet played is Skyrim and it remains the most modded game of all time. On NexusMods alone there are over 67,000 mods available for Skyrim from re-shades to costumes to, well you know what. As far as I’m concerned it’s a fun hobby and usually something I indulge in when I’ve finished the main game and would like to replay it with the protagonist dressed as a character from another game, for example. It is bizarre at times of course because the sight of our heroine dressed in nothing more than a cocktail dress and wielding a spoon as a weapon does seem a tad unrealistic. But then, whoever said video games planted you in the real world?

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